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Ever hear of the movie Johnny Dangerously?  Me neither.  It *is* down 14% in popularity this week, according to IMDB… Anyway, what do you think?  Can we lose Michael Keaton and reshoot it as Jilly Dangerously?  http://tinyurl.com/yboa729
Snaps to Peter Boyle, fellow La Salle University grad 

– Pinstripe boyfriend blazer *see 09.29 entry for “boyfriend” designation information
– VS white sleep tee
– Semisheen navy leggings with side zippers
– Nine West killer** shoes
– Charlotte Russe multichain necklace
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Classic crown ring c/o my raver days.  Or Burger King ring if you’re nitpicking.
– Littltltltltl Betsey Johnson fleur de lis earrings.  Turn them upside down, House of Dereon earrings.
– Heidi Klum for VS Beauty lipstick in Exotic Spice (thanks Jenny DramaTM!)

POP QUIZ!  Why are the shoes **killer?

a) My feet are killing me.
b) After a fine dining experience at Chik fil a with 2 of my fav WWJW contributors, I gracefully exited the car, only to get the heel of a shoe stuck in a crack; my foot slid out clumisily and I almost ate stairway.
c) The deadly bacteria Staphylococcus aureus may be present on their soles (ref: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-flip-flops,0,1421175.story)
d) All the above.

Tune into Maino’s latest hit for the answer:



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Tomorrow I’m going to have to wear a bike lock around my neck or something, because this week I’m just *not* getting the comments I’m used to.  My favourite contributor actually referred to my look today as “kinda cute.”  When I prodded him further, he said he wasn’t sure about the “Huck Finn style” to my pants, but even that was a reach.  I pointed out that my earrings actually slide into place with a piece of bone, just like the ones native to Africa, and finally I got a rise out of him.  But I need pure objections, right off the bat!  Maybe I should have foregone the “Is someone coming?” photo of the day in favour of one highlighting the hole in my crotch… which I discovered probably around noon.  Niiiiiiice.

– Victoria’s Secret sheer batwing sweater (*fun fact — I originally purchased the sweater to wear over white/off white but I liked the contrast of the turquoise label inside, which leads me to my next item… )
– Turquoise camisole
– Torn jeans that are so 2 thousand and late that I now call them “boyfriend jeans” — but for some reason they fit better on Katie Holmes
– Lucky belt
– Nude sandals that I totally overpaid for to replace a pair I’d gotten as a gift
– NEW gold watch by Vestal (is it normal that I already scratched it via normal computer use?  Claire says yes)
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– 2 silver rings
– Tribal wing earrings

**please say “fun fact” and “2 thousand and late” with your tongue in cheek because both are extremely lame


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I was on the fence about buying this little boho dress from Target over the weekend, 1) because I’ve put a moratorium on shopping, 2) because I was out with Nick and Lee and didn’t want to look like the typical girl who can’t be at Target without shopping for clothes.  Fortunately emotion trumped logic b/c I’m really digging the dress.  Not to mention, the outfit I originally packed for today became thwarted when I got mascara on the cami I planned on wearing.

Speaking of Target, I have to say, I’m totally disenchanted by the Anna Sui/Gossip Girl Go Collection.  Why is this $24.99 Mossimo dress miles cooler than the $44.99 Vanessa-inspired version?  http://tinyurl.com/ya6kyec  And why is the *only* dress I’d consider trying on, a long-sleved white lace number, only depicted in magazines? 

– Mossimo patterend dress with black underlayer
– Suede cowboy boots from Lulus.com
– Heidi Klum signature clover earrings
– Peace symbol + moonstone necklace from Shecky’s Girls Night Out
– Braided gold cuff (thanks Amanda & Claire!)
– And apparently, I’m ordinarily a complete dirt merchant, because my boss stopped a meeting to compliment my hair… which would have been great had the follow up question not been, “Did you wash it today?”  I guess the cat’s outta the bag!


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“Oh Jill’s here… Rain or Shine!  That’s what her shirt says.”

“Holly, who are you talking to?”

“To Jerry.”  Huh?  “On Skype.”  Ohhhhh!

…And so went the conversation between Holly and me 8:45 this morning, 2 of 18 employees to be in 15 minutes late on time to work this lovely Autumn morning.  Casual Fridays become Roll out of Bed Fridays when you know the big dogs are off at the dog show.

– Vintage “Rain or Shine, Your Place or Mine” tee
– Navy cargos
– Powder blue flip flops
– Teardrop earrings (too literal?)
– J’taime necklace


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“Hey, Corey Haim, Dream a Little Dream?”

Ouch.  Definitely *not* a fashion icon.  But you know what?  I stand by my fedora.  Not only does it help me stick to that “don’t wash your hair every day” wisdom, it also helps me establish myself as one of “those employees” who can get away with wearing it indoors.  Eat your heart out, Don Draper.  This is 2009 and we don’t check our hats at the door.

– Volcom fedora
– White tee
– Sharkskin trousers
– Volcom flip flops
– (3) punk rock bracelets – Vegas surf shop, Burberry, garage sale (thanks Mom!)
– Tiffany mesh ring (also garage sale (thanks again Mom!))
– Billabong bracelet
– Hot pink lips “Eucalyptus” (thanks to the cute shopgirl at the beauty supply store in Belmar who told me that anyone can wear hot pink)


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I didn’t really hear much about today’s outfit… except for when Alicia Silverstone called and said she wanted her dress back.

– Plaid minidress
– Diesel Goddess belt (2.0, after I left v 1.0 in my dorm room)
– Go-to black booties

Ho-hum; it really was a lackluster performance.  UP YOUR GAME JILLAKISS!


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I had the highest of hopes for tie dyed denim when Balmain killed it Spring 2009.  I snapped up a pair from Urban faster than you can say “Amandadoyouwanttoorderwithmeandcombineshipping?”  But with a review like this from a blog I really get jiggy with, I’m having my doubts about their fabulousity:

“Did you just audibly gasp in horror upon seeing these tie-dye jeans? Us too. Are people seriously buying these? We knew the ‘80s were back when acid wash denim started showing up on the butts of celebs, but this is taking things to a whole new level.” 
– Leonora Epstein, The Frisky

What do you think?  Do I “own” them?  Or do they “own” me?

– Fadeout black Tar-zhay tee
– Levis tie dyed jeans
– Gladiator sandals *a gift to myself for “winning” the gift certificate at my HS reunion (hey, I planned it out of the goodness of my heart; what do you want from me???)
– Organic spike necklace


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Dear Diary,

Today I hope to dress in Karl Lagerfeld’s image of Coco Chanel.  xo Jillaxxx

Dear Jillakiss,

Hmmm, not so sure.  2 Michael Jackson references in 1 hour never fares well.  xo

– White tee
– Tweed pants
– Leather fingerless gloves
– B&W spectator pumps
– B&W Chanel pearls

Not shown
– Black Urban Decay lip tint


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Welcome to What Would Jilly Wear, the brainchild of me, a fashion victim/victor/I-guess-we’ll-find-out-won’t-we?  I’m constantly getting comments about the styles I wear, so for a number of reasons, I decided to photopublish them daily and see what happened.  I suppose this is just more useless junk to end up in the [virtual] wastestream (thanks Dad, for that gem of a quote), but it will also be a good exercise to get me back to writing.  Plus I have this great closet (thanks Mom, for that gem of a construction project) full of possibilities, so it will give me a reason to dress to impress every day.  Oh who am I kidding; I do that anyway, at least in my mind.  And so, I bring you What Would Jilly Wear, a daily update of my “look,” complete with who inspired it (ok, taking this a wee bit too seriously?).  My hope is that people will comment, no holds barred, with their opinions.  I can take it.  I’ve been called everything from Michael Jackson to Clarissa Explains it All.  I circle my fat at least once a week.  Sometimes I’ll buy a shmedium shirt if I fall in love with the print and it’s not available in husky.  I want to be roasted for my swiftly approaching 30th birthday for Pete’s sake!  So please, opine.  Let’s get started.

– Crooks & Castles t-shirt
– Burberry daybag
– CC Skye cuff
– Banana Republic trousers
– Nine West heels
– Red Revlon lipstick that shows no signs of slowing since my junior prom in 1997 but my boss finds garish (“Normally I can see your fashion risks… but eh I dunno, this one I can’t get down with.  I look at you and all I see is lipstick.”)

P.S. The best place to find Crooks & Castles is at Karmaloop.  Please use my rep account to shop and purchase:

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