September 24, 2009 at 8:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I didn’t really hear much about today’s outfit… except for when Alicia Silverstone called and said she wanted her dress back.

– Plaid minidress
– Diesel Goddess belt (2.0, after I left v 1.0 in my dorm room)
– Go-to black booties

Ho-hum; it really was a lackluster performance.  UP YOUR GAME JILLAKISS!



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  1. Jilly,
    Love this look, I do not think it is lackluster at all. Great booties and a great updated shout out to alicia and all those aerosmith videos!
    ps-your cubical makes me hoongray for BK!

  2. Wow, loving the enthusiasm in this shot. Here’s a suggestion from the days when you used to date 5’4″ wrestlers — stand up straight. The dress would be way more shapely if you actually showed it. And, I know I’m the fashionably challenged sister, but I am not a fan of these so-called “Go-to black booties.” The only booties I like are on younger Latino gentlemen. Huzzah!

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