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I had the highest of hopes for tie dyed denim when Balmain killed it Spring 2009.  I snapped up a pair from Urban faster than you can say “Amandadoyouwanttoorderwithmeandcombineshipping?”  But with a review like this from a blog I really get jiggy with, I’m having my doubts about their fabulousity:

“Did you just audibly gasp in horror upon seeing these tie-dye jeans? Us too. Are people seriously buying these? We knew the ‘80s were back when acid wash denim started showing up on the butts of celebs, but this is taking things to a whole new level.” 
– Leonora Epstein, The Frisky

What do you think?  Do I “own” them?  Or do they “own” me?

– Fadeout black Tar-zhay tee
– Levis tie dyed jeans
– Gladiator sandals *a gift to myself for “winning” the gift certificate at my HS reunion (hey, I planned it out of the goodness of my heart; what do you want from me???)
– Organic spike necklace


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  1. Those jeans are fab. I do not think I could pull them off, but you definitely can!!

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