September 28, 2009 at 6:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I was on the fence about buying this little boho dress from Target over the weekend, 1) because I’ve put a moratorium on shopping, 2) because I was out with Nick and Lee and didn’t want to look like the typical girl who can’t be at Target without shopping for clothes.  Fortunately emotion trumped logic b/c I’m really digging the dress.  Not to mention, the outfit I originally packed for today became thwarted when I got mascara on the cami I planned on wearing.

Speaking of Target, I have to say, I’m totally disenchanted by the Anna Sui/Gossip Girl Go Collection.  Why is this $24.99 Mossimo dress miles cooler than the $44.99 Vanessa-inspired version?  http://tinyurl.com/ya6kyec  And why is the *only* dress I’d consider trying on, a long-sleved white lace number, only depicted in magazines? 

– Mossimo patterend dress with black underlayer
– Suede cowboy boots from Lulus.com
– Heidi Klum signature clover earrings
– Peace symbol + moonstone necklace from Shecky’s Girls Night Out
– Braided gold cuff (thanks Amanda & Claire!)
– And apparently, I’m ordinarily a complete dirt merchant, because my boss stopped a meeting to compliment my hair… which would have been great had the follow up question not been, “Did you wash it today?”  I guess the cat’s outta the bag!



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  1. Love the boots..and I usually don’t even like cowboy boots, but I think the suede won me over. Glad you went understated on the accessories because the dress stands out quite a bit (in a good way). I share your love for Target clothes, unfortunately my Target sort of sucks in that department. Check out the Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s, it’s only available online but she has some cute basics for decent prices

  2. …and how supercute is she in the video that loops?!
    Borderline sickeningly sweet but I kinda like it.

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