September 29, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Tomorrow I’m going to have to wear a bike lock around my neck or something, because this week I’m just *not* getting the comments I’m used to.  My favourite contributor actually referred to my look today as “kinda cute.”  When I prodded him further, he said he wasn’t sure about the “Huck Finn style” to my pants, but even that was a reach.  I pointed out that my earrings actually slide into place with a piece of bone, just like the ones native to Africa, and finally I got a rise out of him.  But I need pure objections, right off the bat!  Maybe I should have foregone the “Is someone coming?” photo of the day in favour of one highlighting the hole in my crotch… which I discovered probably around noon.  Niiiiiiice.

– Victoria’s Secret sheer batwing sweater (*fun fact — I originally purchased the sweater to wear over white/off white but I liked the contrast of the turquoise label inside, which leads me to my next item… )
– Turquoise camisole
– Torn jeans that are so 2 thousand and late that I now call them “boyfriend jeans” — but for some reason they fit better on Katie Holmes
– Lucky belt
– Nude sandals that I totally overpaid for to replace a pair I’d gotten as a gift
– NEW gold watch by Vestal (is it normal that I already scratched it via normal computer use?  Claire says yes)
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– 2 silver rings
– Tribal wing earrings

**please say “fun fact” and “2 thousand and late” with your tongue in cheek because both are extremely lame



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  1. oooh la la i love them earrings! i think i know the exact ones you are talking about. “huck finn style” pants made me lol. please wear something tom sawyer style tomorrow.

  2. I am really digging the shout outs! And I must say I like both of this weeks outfits so far. Very tame, compared to some of your others I have seen.

    Good job on the writing though.

  3. This is one of those outfits I can’t do but admire on others. How the heck do you balance throwing all that stuff on your frame and not look like you’re trying too hard? I always look like I’ve been attacked by crayons when I accessorize.

    Highlights of this outfit: sandals (overpayment – justified), turquoise/white combo (secret hints are great), and cuffing the jeans. Watch out Becky — Jilly is coming for your man Tom Sawyer.

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