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Ever hear of the movie Johnny Dangerously?  Me neither.  It *is* down 14% in popularity this week, according to IMDB… Anyway, what do you think?  Can we lose Michael Keaton and reshoot it as Jilly Dangerously?  http://tinyurl.com/yboa729
Snaps to Peter Boyle, fellow La Salle University grad 

– Pinstripe boyfriend blazer *see 09.29 entry for “boyfriend” designation information
– VS white sleep tee
– Semisheen navy leggings with side zippers
– Nine West killer** shoes
– Charlotte Russe multichain necklace
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Classic crown ring c/o my raver days.  Or Burger King ring if you’re nitpicking.
– Littltltltltl Betsey Johnson fleur de lis earrings.  Turn them upside down, House of Dereon earrings.
– Heidi Klum for VS Beauty lipstick in Exotic Spice (thanks Jenny DramaTM!)

POP QUIZ!  Why are the shoes **killer?

a) My feet are killing me.
b) After a fine dining experience at Chik fil a with 2 of my fav WWJW contributors, I gracefully exited the car, only to get the heel of a shoe stuck in a crack; my foot slid out clumisily and I almost ate stairway.
c) The deadly bacteria Staphylococcus aureus may be present on their soles (ref: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-flip-flops,0,1421175.story)
d) All the above.

Tune into Maino’s latest hit for the answer:


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  1. Jilly I feel the need to roll my eyes at the article about flip flops, as I’m sure you are doing. Let’s everybody panic about what your flip flops may be carrying. Guess what everybody – all your shoes have gross and potentially deadly stuff on them. So do your hands. And your colon. (that’s right, I said colon) I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us are probably colonized with MRSA. It’s usually not a big deal unless you or someone you are in close proximity with is immunocompromised. Stop trying to make us panic, media. Gee whiz guys! Ok, done ranting.

    I truly enjoy your outfit for today. Thinking the killer heels were worth it.

  2. So could I be more tardy in checking out the WWJW site!?! I ❤ it as I do this outfit you have on!

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