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I was out of the office yesterday at meetings and didn’t have a chance to upload the Look du Jour.  Fortunately, you weren’t missing out on much when I kept you waiting 18 hours.  It’s a good thing I don’t meet clients every day, or else I wouldn’t have very much to blog about!

– Winter white BCBG puff sleeved sweater
– Nude camisole
– Banana Republic houndstooth check slacks
– Nude suede pumps — I got them from my friend Maria’s boutique, Colette, in Ocean City, NJ — check it out if you’re ever in the neighborhood — they manage to achieve a great balance between girly girl/shabby chic/surf-ette fashions.  Their website doesn’t do them justice as to how cool it really is: http://colettewebsite.com/index.html
– Heidi Klum gold clover hoop earrings
– Peace symbol + moonstone necklace from Shecky’s Girls Night Out
– Ray Ban glasses



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Well, you can’t keep up a 1.000 batting average, and today I took one for the team.  We have a few Yankee fans in the office, and at least one Phillies fan.  I was recruited to have my clothes cheer for the Bronx Bombers today.  Unfortunately, the outfit in full looked better laid out on my bed than it did on.  I took today’s photo from the waist up, because the overall look was just too much… even for me.  I already swapped out a printed tee in favour of a plain gray tee, but still… just… GOO!

So, Yanks, this one’s for you.


– Pinstripe boyfriend blazer
– Gray Gatorade tee (thanks Nick!)
– Levis cloud jeans (not pictured)
– Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers (not pictured)
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Tsai-fi Martini Mermaid necklace (thanks Kelaine!)
– Silver bangle earrings

On Pupsy
– Yankiez hoodie

On Pepsy
– Vintage sweater


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He’s talking about a sled.

Citizen Kane is the American Film Institute’s #1 movie of all time:

Spoof-worthy with a Channel Advisors(?) snow globe, sure, but also a great film.  Skip Paranormal Activity and check it out instead.  If you want a spoiler for Paranormal Activity, I can act that out tomorrow.


10.27 002

– Old Navy swiss dot blouse
– VS sleep tee
– VS gray leggings
– Suede cowboy boots
– Crochet hair flower
– Birdcage necklace (I found the charm at Michael’s)
– Twisted silver cuff (thanks Mom!)
– White enamel bangle (thanks Sarah!)
– Stacked rings
– Poison ring
– Van Cleef & Arpels inspired earrings
– LA Girl Matte Blue Twilight nail polish (check out this link for some pretty cool ideas on how to play with matte polishes: http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-nail-art-for-those-of-us-who-arent-into-in-your-face-designs/)


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Not a whole lot of chatter about my dress today, but a French guy and his girlfriend tried to sit on me for their romantic lunch in the park.  I kid, I kid.  But I do feel something like a table cloth.

And yes, we have a hand chair remniscent of the one in Buster’s room.  My, a lot of Arrested Development references in this column!  10.26 10.26 001

– Prototype checkered dress
– Suede cowboy boots
– J’taime necklace
– Class ring
– Spoon ring
– Rosary ring (not pictured)
– Coach turnlock bracelet
– Silver rope bracelet
– Pyramid stud earrings 3.0

And that fabulous* polish job is a colour by NYC called Manhattan.  Unfortunately, I inherited my mom’s tendency of buying the exact shade of nail polish in duplicity, so I passed it along to a fellow habitual nail painter (have a field day with that one, Aimstar). 

*It’s peeling the hell off.  But the polish was great — applied very easily and had staying power, contrary to what the photo might suggest.  And only $1.72 at Target.  I’m going back to buy more… in different shades.


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My co-workers are growing immune to my fashion sense.  No comments again on today’s outfit.  The fluorescent shirt is in tribute to my sister, whose 27th birthday is today.  She could rock the neons something FIERCE in the 80s.

We did have a round table — more of an oval table I suppose — about some other features of WWJD.  One of my principles was surprised that I named it “WWJD,” that I would “bite off something” like WWJD.  I explained that it’s half that, and half for Women’s Wear Daily.

“…I would have thought something more like ‘This is the Future.'”

“‘This is the Future,’ eh?”  For some reason this caused 2 other key WWJW contributors to ROTFL, not to be confused with LMFAO…
Which is not to be confused with “Element Fail Crew,” which is what I thought DJ Enuff said yesterday during the 5 o’clock Free Ride… which I’m currently missing.  So I’m out.  ONE

– VS Sleep tee in hot pink
– Forever 21 biker jacket
– Earnest not-so Sewn jeans
– Blowfish silver gladiator sandals
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Organic spike necklace 2.0
– Small crown earring
– Small dice earring


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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… perhaps the last of Indian Summer.  And rather than rack my brain for some self-deprecating way to describe my outfit today (Michael Jackson Pollock comes to mind), I’m going to feature some comments from a few WWJW guests…

Leigh said:
Last night I had a dream and it was like an episode of WWJW.  We were walking (Western NY???) outside on a clear but cold day.  There was snow on the ground and you were walking a little dog.  I had on a long grey coat, ripped jeans rolled at the knee, and your fuzzy lace up boots.  Accessories, newsboy hat, FU diamond ring, and bangles. You had on cowboy boots, boho flowered dress, wide braided belt, and a “Penny Lane” shearling coat.  The only other part of the dream that I remember is that we were hungry and you were trying to to talk me into ordering a hotdog and blue snow cone.

And Kelaine pointed out that I’ve been denying my 2 darling babies, Pupsy and Pepsy, their 15 minutes of fame.  Look for them in this post and many to come.

…and Jilly get.













– Diesel denim biker jacket
– Heritage 1981 Splatter paint t-shirt dress
– Blowfish silver gladiator sandals
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Black fingerless gloves (a Claire favourite — go on Claire, tell everybody what I said)
– Brushed silver gemstone earrings


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What does my necklace have to do with a CW TV show?  Everybody hates it!  http://tinyurl.com/ylegxoc

Coworkers like Dave (*happy?) and Suzanne have shared their distaste, with comments like the subtle “What is that, Legos?” the direct “I don’t like it,” and the ever popular, “Did you *make* it?” with a look of disgust.

Everybody hates it, that is, with the exception of those who have taste.  Including my classmate (I’m there now) who just stopped me to rave about how unique and attention-getting it is.  Thank you, JanebytheSea.  I didn’t even have to lean on my usual, “It’s Prada.”

*Special acknowledgement to Scott, who also doesn’t hate it, and even tolerates me wearing it to meetings.


– Arden B jumpsuit
– Prada bib necklace
– Nude sandals
– Diesel denim biker jacket (not pictured)
*I’m shy about shoulders… thighs not so much (see 10.20, 10.10, and 10.05) one of my friends calls me KFC because I’m like a bucket of legs!


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I was a little out of my element today — my camera battery died so I used a loaner.  I tried a few shots in my office without much luck, so I tempted fate and staked out one of the common areas in my office.  I’m pretty pleased with myself for capturing a photo that represents Gossip — me standing in a too-short dress by the water cooler.

You know you love me,
Laura “Lolita” Ingalls

– Erin Fetherston for Target Go Collection frock
– Suede cowboy boots
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Bronze Coach turnlock bracelet
– Braided gold cuff (thanks Amanda & Claire!)
– Pyramid stud earrings 2.0
– VS Sparkling Lipstick in On Fire (thanks Jenny DramaTM!)


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Today is a special post.  I’m implementing the very first guest appearance by none other than the glamorous Jenny DramaTM.  Her outfit today is officially WWJD-approved.  Details below.

As the first ever recipient of the WWJD seal of approval, I treated (*ok no I didn’t) Jen to a very fancy lunch at Chez McDonald’s; hilarity ensued.  Middle pic is me making it rain with Monopoly pieces.  We’re accepting any and all game piece donations, including the ones that I was prepared to rip off the trash someone left in the parking lot (alas, the game pieces had been removed by the litterbug… or someone who had the same thought as me).

Q: Is it a fashion faux pas to make it rain?  Please cite sources.




– White ribbed 3/4 sleeve tee, the Limited (free! at a special event)
– Emilio Pucci-inspired vest
– Black washed skinny jeans, Paper Denim & Cloth
– Adidas boots
– Gold watch by Vestal
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– Brushed silver gemstone earrings

On Jenny DramaTM
– Arden B Brown Moto jacket
– Alternative Apparel white tunic
– Alternative Apparel brown leggings
– Dollhouse OTK Boots
– Brown Paisley Silk Scarf – compliments of Rita Beer from HSN/QVC
– Louis Vuitton Mini Looping Bag


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So it’s confirmed… boys are not big fans of lipstick.  Syko Mike hit the “dislike” button on 10.13‘s outfit and Scott not just told me he couldn’t deal with my lipstick, but gave me a filibuster on why not.  “I’ll tell you why, Jillian.  Makeup is like good refereeing — you shouldn’t even know it’s there.”  There he is folks, my boss — proving that sports analogies really do apply anywhere.

I hadn’t the heart to tell him I already know that… just choose to defy it a few days a month.More Faith than Buffy


– BCBG sheer sweater
– Black camisole
– Miss Sixty Cheetah jeans
– Go-to booties (not pictured)
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Gold bangle bracelets
– Urban Decay Oil Slick lipstick 

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