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 An undercurrent here at WWJW is campy office shots.  For those of you wondering how I achieve such creative mastery, it’s by setting my camera to a delay setting, perching it, often precariously, on an eye-level surface, and jetting around to be captured in my spontenaity(?).  Leave any  quirky office setting requests  in the Comments section and I’ll do my best to work them in.

Relatedly (*not a real word, in spite of me emailing Merriam Webster to try and have it become one — TRUE STORY) do you, readers, want me to reply somehow to your comments?  I appreciate you visiting the site and want to make sure I’m responsive!  I appreciate all the input and dialog!

– Black Elie Tahari tie neck blouse
– Hudson jeans
– Nine West pumps
– Black mesh wire bracelet
– Flattened silver rope bracelet
– Goody hair tie *Amy, Rachel, and Megan, the image detail’s for you!





10.06 Detail


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  1. your hair tie reminds me of a certain wedding cake we saw yesterday. did you fashion this in susie loo hoo’s basement with a bedazzler?

  2. Welp, I like the hair tie. I can’t see anything else but the campy office backdrop with a Bling! sparkle in the window. And I *think the black shirt is a nice fit. I’m not even sure what a neck blouse is. Pumps? Mesh bracelet? Where?
    I deffo appreciate the effort on the new pose though.
    I think replies will create more comments and dialogue.

  3. I have a quirky office setting request. Actually, more of a pose. See if you can incorporate finger pistols. Be careful, guns are dangerous.

  4. i love the poses. i’d like to see some close-ups though. you look so far away and i can barely see much other than just the colors of the ensemble. also if you’re going to shoot bracelets, hairties, etc., set the camera to macro so we can see the fine detail in those wonderful ornaments. nice jeans. why is the trash can on your desk? were you puking before the shoot?

  5. I am just getting caught up on my WWJW…so, I’m late in saying thank you for the close-up shot of the goody hair tie. Love it. 🙂

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