October 8, 2009 at 7:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

10.08 001I’m psyched that my blog is taking off!  I’m getting comments, requests (Jeff, the Shooter McGavin gunfingers are for you), tips (thanks for the “macro” explanation Miko — for 4 years I always wondered how the little tree icon vs. the tulip icon related to me) and people asking me where they can find it.  OK so it’s all people I know, but they’re the ones I care about anyway right?  Starting on Monday, I’m going to enact another level of promotion and maybe more people can visit WWJW for irreverent hijinks, conspicuous vanity, and the freedom to say whatever they want about me.  *Insert invitation to roast me on my 30th birthday… HERE*

My newest reader, who I suspect wanted his 15 minutes of fame, referred to my look today as “sorta… I dunno… Grand Canyon-esque?”  Adding -esque, for the record, is one of his signature tactics in positioning an idea to an audience, without really knowing if they’ll bite or not.  Yeah Dave, I’ve got your number ; )

– Space-dyed sweaterdress from VS
– Suede cowboy boots
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Coach turnlock bracelet in bronze

Thanks again for wanting to see more detail.  Happy to comply!



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  1. my criticism, objectively, would be that if were talking about the clothes, i can barely see them in the pics. or do we read this for the articles?

  2. Nice outfit, great pose. Has anyone ever told you how elegently long your thumbs are? Girl, you got thumbs for dayz.

  3. Jilladelphia – very into the watch. Love the boots though I would not elect to wear them. I avoid Grand Canyon-esque styles, though I think it’s a great descriptor. Snaps, Dave.

    Still wishing I could see more detail because I’m pretty sure I love the dress. I can’t tell if it’s multi-colored (supreme) or brown. Am I blind or is it just bad reception? http://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/79678/tv-snow-noise-02.html

  4. i LOVE this dress. on my monitor it looks multicolored kelaine, which also reigns supreme for me. i love the boots too, and the watch. A++++++ i would totally elect to wear the boots but footwear is hard for me as i have cankles for days and sometimes the wrong shoe will highlight them a bit more than i would like. 😦

  5. Sorry to disappoint, the dress is 2 colours (chocolate multicolour to be exact):

    I hope the larger images better satisfy everyone’s curiosity…

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