October 13, 2009 at 6:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Today’s look is inspired by Balmain, which was inspired by Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which was inspired by LSD.

When I got dressed this morning, I’d forgotten that Christophe Decarnin showed his Spring 2009 military blazers with acid wash jeans; I didn’t intend to copy quite so.  The jeans I’m wearing I actually made myself, by splattering bleach on a pair that I’d accidently dropped bleach on.  Lemonade from lemons, I guess you could say.

…And Scott still doesn’t like the lipstick.

– Target Go collection military vest
– Black VS sleep tee
– Earnest Sewn by Jilly jeans
– Go-to black booties
– Silver bangle earrings
– Black mesh wire bracelet
– Flattened silver rope bracelet
– Hot pink lips “Eucalyptus”



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  1. See, I think the inspiration is also very Rihanna-copying-Michael Jackson, tough to pull off, but I think you accomplished it!! I would personally like it better with a longer sleeve, but that’s just me. I approve of the pulled back hair because it lets the jacket stand out and be the statement. Perhaps some heels to turn it into a sassy night time look? Over and out 🙂

  2. a) This is my favorite write up to date. The LSD line killed me.
    b) Wage you just ruined everything. Jilly =/= Rihanna. Mi hermana doesn’t have a big forehead. Jilly is a B girl.
    c) Agree with Wage on the heels, but maybe that’s just because I think those boots should be covered with a tarp.
    d) Also, I love the shirt, Bret Michaels loves the jeans, and your nail polish is fresh.

  3. Get used to the boots, sis — they’re in for the long haul. Wage — heels would definitely work too, especially if I were to incorporate some leggings a la 10.12’s look. Rihanna’s known to wear her some Balmain, but yes, I like to think of myself as more a Jillance:


  4. i very much do not like this setup. the lipstick makes me very upset. the shirt im not thrilled about, but nice work on the jeans, i’ll give you that. this outfit detracts from you.

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