October 15, 2009 at 10:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I thought a fair description of today’s outfit would be “Urban Cowboy.” 

Plaid shirt?  Check.
Faded jeans (with basket weave pockets no less)?  Check.
Cowboy boots?  Check.
Punk rock bracelets?  Check.

Then I decided to entertain the job of “fact checker” and see what Urban Cowboy’s all about.  I consulted the only 100%, money-back-guaranteed-to-be-factually-accurate-to-the-letter* site, http://en.wikipedia.org, and discovered, lo and behold, that the bulk of this film occurs in a place called Gilley’s.  Now I don’t know about you, but I think it’s kismet.  And I’m pronouncing it “Jilly’s” until I can download wikipedia into a podcast and be proven otherwise.

*Wikipedia most certainly is not 100%, money-back-guaranteed-to-be-factually-accurate-to-the-letter.  Just ask Sinbad.

The screwface says "I'm not doing this for serious"


– Forever 21 plaid shirt
– La Salle Explorers gray heather tee
– Seven jeans
– Suede cowboy boots (not pictured)
– Trifecta of punk rock bracelets
– Howell High School class ring
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Silver bangle earrings
– David Yurman double wheat buckle necklace 2.0


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  1. i am a fan of this look as well as all of the components. how did you take this POV pic of the bracelets? did you tape the camera to your face? i know it’s hard to control camera angles, but i’d like to see more boots, less plant in that pic. i’m gonna buy you a tripod for xmas.

  2. oooh la la, love the braid! and i love that la-la la salle is represented! and i agree with miko, how DID you take that pic of your bracelets?

  3. Also curious about how you took the picture.

    Love the hair, earrings, bracelets. and the rad hand gesture. I love plaid shirts but prefer when they’re fitted.

  4. Miko and Amy:
    I have a strong chin. Not in the Kelly Pavlik (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly_Pavlik) sense, but in the I-held-a-camera-firmly-in-place-through-3-timed-photos sense.

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