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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… perhaps the last of Indian Summer.  And rather than rack my brain for some self-deprecating way to describe my outfit today (Michael Jackson Pollock comes to mind), I’m going to feature some comments from a few WWJW guests…

Leigh said:
Last night I had a dream and it was like an episode of WWJW.  We were walking (Western NY???) outside on a clear but cold day.  There was snow on the ground and you were walking a little dog.  I had on a long grey coat, ripped jeans rolled at the knee, and your fuzzy lace up boots.  Accessories, newsboy hat, FU diamond ring, and bangles. You had on cowboy boots, boho flowered dress, wide braided belt, and a “Penny Lane” shearling coat.  The only other part of the dream that I remember is that we were hungry and you were trying to to talk me into ordering a hotdog and blue snow cone.

And Kelaine pointed out that I’ve been denying my 2 darling babies, Pupsy and Pepsy, their 15 minutes of fame.  Look for them in this post and many to come.

…and Jilly get.













– Diesel denim biker jacket
– Heritage 1981 Splatter paint t-shirt dress
– Blowfish silver gladiator sandals
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Black fingerless gloves (a Claire favourite — go on Claire, tell everybody what I said)
– Brushed silver gemstone earrings



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  1. Michael Jackson Pollock? Brilliant!
    This is my favorite outfit on WWJW to date. It’s perfect for Indian Summer. I positively love every element.

    Jill for the win! Uh oh, you even got me using exclamation points.

    Here’s another suggestion for WWJW — a Q&A section. That way I, I mean, “my friend” can get advice on what she’s wearing from you and other WWJW fans.

  2. PS – I’ve spotted them. Hi Pepsy & Pupsy!

  3. Hullo sistur! Mommie sed shed do a Q&A but wud that lyk be a speshul post? Or livve sumwherre? In the meentym you can ask queshuns here.

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