October 23, 2009 at 9:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

My co-workers are growing immune to my fashion sense.  No comments again on today’s outfit.  The fluorescent shirt is in tribute to my sister, whose 27th birthday is today.  She could rock the neons something FIERCE in the 80s.

We did have a round table — more of an oval table I suppose — about some other features of WWJD.  One of my principles was surprised that I named it “WWJD,” that I would “bite off something” like WWJD.  I explained that it’s half that, and half for Women’s Wear Daily.

“…I would have thought something more like ‘This is the Future.'”

“‘This is the Future,’ eh?”  For some reason this caused 2 other key WWJW contributors to ROTFL, not to be confused with LMFAO…
Which is not to be confused with “Element Fail Crew,” which is what I thought DJ Enuff said yesterday during the 5 o’clock Free Ride… which I’m currently missing.  So I’m out.  ONE

– VS Sleep tee in hot pink
– Forever 21 biker jacket
– Earnest not-so Sewn jeans
– Blowfish silver gladiator sandals
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Organic spike necklace 2.0
– Small crown earring
– Small dice earring


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  1. Jilly, you look fly as hell. I especially love the necklace and shoes. Fantastic tribute to your fabulous sister

  2. I agree with my esteemed bestie, Wagebot. Shirt rules, especially with the spike necklace and super cool chaqueta, which I would never wear but would always like on others. And does this suggest you’re wearing a different earring in each ear? If so, BRA-VO.
    B! and pkew!

  3. Thanks y’all! Yes, 2 different earrings Challonochan. BRA-VO… watch what happens.

  4. this is f’in hot.

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