October 29, 2009 at 12:11 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Well, you can’t keep up a 1.000 batting average, and today I took one for the team.  We have a few Yankee fans in the office, and at least one Phillies fan.  I was recruited to have my clothes cheer for the Bronx Bombers today.  Unfortunately, the outfit in full looked better laid out on my bed than it did on.  I took today’s photo from the waist up, because the overall look was just too much… even for me.  I already swapped out a printed tee in favour of a plain gray tee, but still… just… GOO!

So, Yanks, this one’s for you.


– Pinstripe boyfriend blazer
– Gray Gatorade tee (thanks Nick!)
– Levis cloud jeans (not pictured)
– Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers (not pictured)
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Tsai-fi Martini Mermaid necklace (thanks Kelaine!)
– Silver bangle earrings

On Pupsy
– Yankiez hoodie

On Pepsy
– Vintage sweater


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  1. Vintage sweater, I love it.

  2. Worst thing about the outfit is the hat. Yankees – barf. At least Pepsy Beyoncé looks cute.

  3. tryin not to go there, but i gotta cosign with kelaine on the hat. other than that, im really enjoying the look. im also jealous of all those pens and markers you have on your desk. fun!

  4. Sistur I pikkd a middul name too. Itz DeSean. Pupsy DeSean. An yu guyz sownd lyk a bunch ov sour lozers.

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