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Which came first, the Jilly or the Jill?  WWJW reader Holly informed me that on the morning show she watches, WPIX, the Traffic Reporter, Jill Nicolini, has been outfitted by Lord & Taylor in a new segment called Jill’s Outfit of the Day.  At first I was jealous — I’d LOVE to  have my outfits sponsored.  And how dare she have my name?!  But then I realized we Jills should stick together.  So today, I salute you, Jill Nicolini, and your:

– BCBG ink wrap dress
– RJ Graziano pewter necklace
– BCBG Pump

Can you say the same for me?

– Sam & Max plaid shirt
– Juicy Couture starlight hoodie
– Forever 21 skinny jeans
– Blowfish booties
– Forever 21 lace headband
– Burberry bracelet
– Pretty Wings necklace



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When I uploaded the photo du jour, I noticed it bore a striking resemblance to something else.  Hmmm, what could it be? I pondered, as I went about my morning.  And then it occurred to me: a portrait of yours truly that my friend Scott had created on madmanyourself.com.  Check it out:

Specimen A

 Specimen B  

At least in pose, stature, and foliage, right?  Hot damn, backyard’s bangin like a Benz-y; even Joan Holloway gets dwarfed!  In any case, I give the floor to Scott for a full description of his motivation:

so these last couple of days have been ridiculously slow here.  which means i’ve had nothing to do but mess around on the computer.  remember that commercial (i think it was for high speed internet or something) where the guy is surfing the web and comes to a page that says “you have reached the end of the internet”?… yeah, its been kinda like that.

anyway, this is BY FAR the best thing i found on the internet today!!!!!!!!http://www.amctv.com/originals/madmen/madmenyourself/

check out the ones i made of me and you.  madman scott (*see below) is complete w/curly hair, sick glasses and a fashion forward suit (well, as fashion forward as a retro 1950s suit can be anyway).

and a couple of things about yours:
1) i went with the thicker body type to represent your “bo jackson thighs.” i’m not saying you really look like that.
2) i put every possible accessory available on madwomen jilly (aka donna draper)

So there ya have it, folks.  The 1960’s version of me would still work in advertising and look like a jewelry box threw up.

– White scoopneck ribbed shirt, the Limited
– White boybeater
– Rag & Bone cropped skinny jeans
– Jessica Simpson cobalt flats
– Moschino Cheap & Chic scarf
– Tiffany mesh ring (not pictured, *thanks Mom)
– Spoon ring (not pictured, *thanks Mom)
– Circle CZ stud earrings (not pictured)


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It occurred to me today to get my Jilly Field on with some of the awards we have in our lobby.  So this here is my acceptance speech, WWJW readers, in which I thank you, for your dedicated (*and undedicated; I don’t discriminate!) perusing of my site.  All jokes aside, I am happy that you keep coming back for more — please spread the love this holiday season.  And keep me on my toes — I love your comments — good, bad… indifferent not so much but hey you’re trying!  So, in honour of the upcoming Thanksgiving feast, I thank you, readers.  Or as Pupsy would say, “Thank yu, and guud nyte.”


Flanner Flannel lumberjack shirt, Old Navy (*thanks Amy, for the spellcheck!)
– Paper Denim & Cloth faded black jeans
– Adidas boots
– Daisy c/o Michael’s

11.19, 20, & 23.09

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Between being at meetings Thursday and Friday, and appointments with the dentist/doctor/home re-finance on Monday, I haven’t been up-to-date on WWJW.  Apologies.  Also apologies for repeating outfits and taking home office photos.  I better step up my game for the rest of this week!


– VS brown spacedyed sweaterdress
– Timmy vintage leather jacket
– Suede cowboy boots
– Coach turnlock bracelet in bronze
– Pyramid stud cuff
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Nouveau vintage gold bracelet (*thanks Sarah!)

– Mossimo gypsy printed dress
– Timmy vintage leather jacket
– Suede cowboy boots
– VS perfect lipstick in Stiletto

– “Ratfur” vest (*name coined by DJ SkipmodeP.S. – I made this… by taking the sleeves off my coat from college)
– Peace sign hoodie
– Mushroom printed ribbed tank
– Juicy Couture “Kate” jeans
– Kenneth Cole belt (*around waist)
– American Eagle skinny belt (*around jacket)
– L.A.M.B. for Royal Elastics sneakers
– Ray Ban glasses (*Miko, they are prescription)


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Not only do I horde fashions, I also horde fashion photographs.  I have a master file I call “My Book,” which is filled with magazine cutouts of: clothes, shoes, jewelry/accessories, makeup looks, hairstyles, home items, and a catchall of Looks I Could Never Achieve Or I Like Too Much In This One Photo To Categorize It Under A Specific Heading.  A photo from the utmost category is a model at a slot machine wearing the most unique leather gloves (Chanel, of course), a striped cardi, logo tee, and mardi gras beads.  She’s ladylike… until you start to wonder where she got her beads.  She’s poised… until you notice the neon colours on her tee.  Today’s outfit is halfway inspired by this picture… not Flavor Flav (as pondered by Steve).


– Ruffled blouse, Walmart (*have you eva?)
– Juicy Couture Kate jeans
– Knockoff Tory Burch flats
– Gambling themed mardi gras beads
– Chanel barrette
– Pearl huggie earrings (not pictured)
– Fingerless black gloves
– Sally Hansen nail polish in Gunmetal


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I said it before and I’ll say it again: Fall 2009, it’s a plaid plaid plaid plaid world.  Illustrating it for us today is me, of course, and the illustrous Scott, probably most famous for his advice on lipstick and openmindedness towards bib necklaces.  I walked past Scott this morning and we gave each other the head nods that 2 well-dressed individuals give each other at a crowded, unremarkable party.  Wisecracks ensued, about whether or not my outfit is appropriate for a meeting (*it’s not) and if Christmas-meets-Beetlejuice, Christmas-meets-jailbird, or (*my intent)
<— Gwen Stefani.

As for Scott, well, he just looked good.

– Boyfriend blazer
– Striped tee, Dear by Amanda Bynes for Steve & Barry’s (*RIP)
– Vintage plaid pants (*much love to my mom for retailoring them for me)
– Christian Siriano for Payless patent lizard boots
– Gold watch by Vestal
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– Rasta bracelet
– VS bangle bracelet
– Gold pyramid stud bracelet
– Leather studded bracelet
– David Yurman double wheat buckle necklace
– Pyramid stud earrings 3.0

On Scott
– Plaid Hoss Shirt, J. Crew Outlet
– Acne Skinny Jeans
– Hugo Boss Belt
– Cole Haan Shoes 


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I’m the luckiest girl in the world.  My dear friend and co-worker Holly was interested enough to peruse WWJW at home (*uh, I mean, of course she was perusing at home, where else would she — at work?!  No way.  She’s billable!  Without fail, 100% of her time is faithfully devoted to clients).  Her fiance, Tim, looked over her shoulder and was intrigued by the mythical Jildebeest and her fabulous(?) fashions.  “Holly,” he said, “Are you ever going to wear that leather jacket of mine?  You know, the perfectly preserved jacket with Marc Jacobs worthy hardware and sumptuous chocolate fondue leather?  Macerating in its royal vintageness since 1977?”  (Sentence in italics may have been embellished by the author.) 

“No,” Holly replied, “I work out 6 days a week, have 10 personal training clients, and teach Zumba.  It’s too big for my rock hard physique.”

“Why don’t you give it to her?”

And so I dedicate today’s post to Holly and Timmy’s generosity… and Timmy’s uncanny ability to keep fashions prestine well beyond their freshness date.

– Vintage leather “Timmy” jacket
– Extra long off-white Uniform | John Paul Richard long sleeved tee (*No idea what brand this is but it sounds prestigious when phrased that way, donchafind?)
– White camisole
– Chip & Pepper jeans
– Gray and white striped scarf
– Tribal wing earrings
– Gold watch by Vestal (not pictured)
– Pyramid stud bracelent (not pictured)
Flat rope bracelet (not pictured)
Gray New Balance sneakers (not pictured)


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There’s nothing bad I can say about my sweatshirt because it was a gift.  That, and I love it.  Cozy for a wet, rainy day, but the splashy watercolours keep it bright and cheery.  What’s better than that?!

One thing I would change about today’s outfit is my decision to go the sneaker route.  These Adidas boots would have been a far better choice, both fashion- and function-wise.  I’ll git’em nex’ time.

I call it... Modern Day Surrealism

Posing for Beginners: The Over the Shoulder

Niki Kelce Artist Series11.13
– Volcom Artist Series Sweatshirt: Niki Kelce edition
– Black Seven jeans
– New Balance sneakers
– Oversize hairpin (*that’s for you, Miko)


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Today was an exercise in perception v. reality.



Freebie, guys…  GO!


"Well," the motivational speaker said, "at least you tried."   Jewelala!

– Slipper pink satin top
– Gray stirrup leggings
– Ballet slippers
– Michael Kors down jacket
– Birdcage necklace
– Coco Chanel CC huggie earrings
– Assorted rings
– Assorted bracelets
– Hard Candy nail polish in Mr. Wrong (*Hard Candy is now available in Walmart of all places!)



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Scott called my hair “crazy cool” today.  I felt like 2/3rds of TLC… which is pretty much what TLC feels like this day in age too.  (*Too soon?  RIP Left Eye.)

Hair compliments of Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly mousse.  I’ve actually been having a hair identity crisis lately — do I cut it?  If so, how?  I know I don’t want to dip back into asymmetrical cuts, as much as I love Miley’s here.  Not to mention, my hair‘s been having a hair identity crisis lately — it doesn’t know if it’s straight, wavy… dry, oily… silky, knotty… oh well.  Like everything else in this column, I’m taking opinions on what to do about my hair.  I’m probably not willing to do anything drastic, but I’m open to style and colour options.  So hollatchagurl!

Amber is the colour of my energyYes, it's to scale11.11
– VS v-neck sweater (*it’s the colour that my 4th birthday cake was when my mom graciously tried to fashion “purple” from red + blue food colouring)
– White boybeater
– Rag & Bone jeans
– Tiffany blue and gold snakeskin flats
– Gold Watch by Vestal
– David Yurman double wheat necklace
– Purple poison ring
– Oversize hairpin

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