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Scott called my hair “crazy cool” today.  I felt like 2/3rds of TLC… which is pretty much what TLC feels like this day in age too.  (*Too soon?  RIP Left Eye.)

Hair compliments of Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly mousse.  I’ve actually been having a hair identity crisis lately — do I cut it?  If so, how?  I know I don’t want to dip back into asymmetrical cuts, as much as I love Miley’s here.  Not to mention, my hair‘s been having a hair identity crisis lately — it doesn’t know if it’s straight, wavy… dry, oily… silky, knotty… oh well.  Like everything else in this column, I’m taking opinions on what to do about my hair.  I’m probably not willing to do anything drastic, but I’m open to style and colour options.  So hollatchagurl!

Amber is the colour of my energyYes, it's to scale11.11
– VS v-neck sweater (*it’s the colour that my 4th birthday cake was when my mom graciously tried to fashion “purple” from red + blue food colouring)
– White boybeater
– Rag & Bone jeans
– Tiffany blue and gold snakeskin flats
– Gold Watch by Vestal
– David Yurman double wheat necklace
– Purple poison ring
– Oversize hairpin


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  1. Your hair is awesome. From California casual to Romeo/Juliet romance, it has a genre all of its own. Take it one step at a time and start with the “bangage.” A new part perhaps or some shorter layers in the front? You could always throw in an olive oil/egg white mask for extra shine (ala LaSalle townhouses).

  2. i like this outfit. i remember when you were looking for thart david yurman necklace, i was looking for a pair of $400 sunglasses at the time that i couldn’t find anywhere – and never did. please photograph this hairpin on your head, i need to see a behind shot. and i wouldnt do anything to the hair, i like it the way it is. keep it straight and long.

  3. I so covet the long hair, since mine won’t ever grow past my shoulders, but if you’re looking for something new, I have a great stylist I can recommend!

    AND! Wasn’t Left Eye the “crazy” out of crazy, sexy, cool? I mean she only burned down her ex’s house, I think that might qualify.

    Oh, and I love those shoes!

  4. LB, or should I say LD 😉 Thanks for the kind words! Bangage, I think you just invented a new term! I actually got these Ken Paves faux bangs, but they’re a tad too light so I’m trying to brainstorm a way to dye them to better match my shade. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts, or any home remedy health and beauty products that stink up the kitchen.

    Miko and Missy, thanks for echoing Leigh’s sentiment. I think you guys are right about keeping it long.

    And Missy, you’re right about Left Eye being “Crazy.” I guess the joke would have worked better if Scott called me “Sexy Cool,” but then I would have had to sue him for sexual harassment. Finally, you completely illustrated Tiffany’s birthday card to you by knowing that haha!

  5. I agree on long hair and I say stay blonde. But if you’re dying to do some dyeing, I’d say go even lighter. You’ve already done darker. Come meet me on the bright side. PS – Great work on the TLC joke. It’s never too soon.

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