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I’m the luckiest girl in the world.  My dear friend and co-worker Holly was interested enough to peruse WWJW at home (*uh, I mean, of course she was perusing at home, where else would she — at work?!  No way.  She’s billable!  Without fail, 100% of her time is faithfully devoted to clients).  Her fiance, Tim, looked over her shoulder and was intrigued by the mythical Jildebeest and her fabulous(?) fashions.  “Holly,” he said, “Are you ever going to wear that leather jacket of mine?  You know, the perfectly preserved jacket with Marc Jacobs worthy hardware and sumptuous chocolate fondue leather?  Macerating in its royal vintageness since 1977?”  (Sentence in italics may have been embellished by the author.) 

“No,” Holly replied, “I work out 6 days a week, have 10 personal training clients, and teach Zumba.  It’s too big for my rock hard physique.”

“Why don’t you give it to her?”

And so I dedicate today’s post to Holly and Timmy’s generosity… and Timmy’s uncanny ability to keep fashions prestine well beyond their freshness date.

– Vintage leather “Timmy” jacket
– Extra long off-white Uniform | John Paul Richard long sleeved tee (*No idea what brand this is but it sounds prestigious when phrased that way, donchafind?)
– White camisole
– Chip & Pepper jeans
– Gray and white striped scarf
– Tribal wing earrings
– Gold watch by Vestal (not pictured)
– Pyramid stud bracelent (not pictured)
Flat rope bracelet (not pictured)
Gray New Balance sneakers (not pictured)



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  1. So i’ve adopted a new word into my vocab – when something is outrageously fabulous??? “that’s so timmy” 🙂 LOVE!

  2. Top to bottom, sick outfit. I can’t see the shoes, but I trust that they’re fresh NewBs. That jacket is off the meat rack and if you weren’t wearing it, I would cut it up and eat it as steak. Fresh ass leather. Those earrings are probably the hottest I’ve ever seen. And the scarf is just the right amount of interrupting without taking away from the impact of the fly chaqueta. I wholly endorse, Goldie. Viva la Tim!

  3. […] to the generosity of 2 men who have bestowed great vintage gifts upon me.  The first, Timmy, you’ve read about before.  In another random act of kindness, Timmy decided to give me the KILLER boots you see on my […]

  4. […] dating back to 6th grade… beyond if you count the things I’ve pilfered from my dad (*or Tim).  Is it really a bad thing that I haven’t gotten rid of them?  Don’t get me wrong, I […]

  5. […] with my trusty phone and “borrowing” images from the little bridal shower we threw for Holly.  Let’s just pretend I’m doing all this “borrowing” in the spirit of that […]

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