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I said it before and I’ll say it again: Fall 2009, it’s a plaid plaid plaid plaid world.  Illustrating it for us today is me, of course, and the illustrous Scott, probably most famous for his advice on lipstick and openmindedness towards bib necklaces.  I walked past Scott this morning and we gave each other the head nods that 2 well-dressed individuals give each other at a crowded, unremarkable party.  Wisecracks ensued, about whether or not my outfit is appropriate for a meeting (*it’s not) and if Christmas-meets-Beetlejuice, Christmas-meets-jailbird, or (*my intent)
<— Gwen Stefani.

As for Scott, well, he just looked good.

– Boyfriend blazer
– Striped tee, Dear by Amanda Bynes for Steve & Barry’s (*RIP)
– Vintage plaid pants (*much love to my mom for retailoring them for me)
– Christian Siriano for Payless patent lizard boots
– Gold watch by Vestal
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– Rasta bracelet
– VS bangle bracelet
– Gold pyramid stud bracelet
– Leather studded bracelet
– David Yurman double wheat buckle necklace
– Pyramid stud earrings 3.0

On Scott
– Plaid Hoss Shirt, J. Crew Outlet
– Acne Skinny Jeans
– Hugo Boss Belt
– Cole Haan Shoes 


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  1. That is a bold outfit? I think you should wear those pants for Christmas – very appropriate for the holiday season! Is that your boss Scott, if so, you really do have a very laid back office -fashion wise that is.

  2. OMG! LOVE THIS PIC! Your outfit was looking righteous!!! Even the “folks” at CHICK were digging it! As for Scott – great shirt! 🙂 TEAM PLAID all the way!

  3. hahaha. oh man. i laughed out loud. bottom is festive. top is fun. combination = :/

    :/ ” is enough for kelaine to sketch the expression on my face if you’re interested.

    • I certainly can sketch that face for Mike. I can also sketch it for Jilly and myself. But back to the fashion at hand… I do recall seeing a similar ensemble once before, and asking you if it was inspired by Gwen. So, mission accomplished for me. However, on second thought, Christmas meets Beetlejuice is way more satisfying. Imagine if you woke up and those were your sources of inspiration? “Have you eva?”

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  5. […] a huge mistake” feeling.  Fortunately, I returned to Wilton not too long thereafter, begged Scott to make a detour, and voila!  My very own Sienna Miller lookalike […]

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