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Not only do I horde fashions, I also horde fashion photographs.  I have a master file I call “My Book,” which is filled with magazine cutouts of: clothes, shoes, jewelry/accessories, makeup looks, hairstyles, home items, and a catchall of Looks I Could Never Achieve Or I Like Too Much In This One Photo To Categorize It Under A Specific Heading.  A photo from the utmost category is a model at a slot machine wearing the most unique leather gloves (Chanel, of course), a striped cardi, logo tee, and mardi gras beads.  She’s ladylike… until you start to wonder where she got her beads.  She’s poised… until you notice the neon colours on her tee.  Today’s outfit is halfway inspired by this picture… not Flavor Flav (as pondered by Steve).


– Ruffled blouse, Walmart (*have you eva?)
– Juicy Couture Kate jeans
– Knockoff Tory Burch flats
– Gambling themed mardi gras beads
– Chanel barrette
– Pearl huggie earrings (not pictured)
– Fingerless black gloves
– Sally Hansen nail polish in Gunmetal


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  1. 2 Questions: 1) Is your compilation of beads one unified necklace or several? In any case, I like it. 2) Did you want to brush your hair before work this morning? Overall, I like the look though. I’m a big fan of the shoes and the length/cut of those jeans on you.

  2. 1) 3 mardi gras necklaces. Ask how I got them, I dare you*. 2) No. Today either.

    *I bought them on Ebay. Good news for flatchested girls; you don’t need to be excluded from a good ol’ n’Awlins celebration.

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