November 24, 2009 at 11:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

It occurred to me today to get my Jilly Field on with some of the awards we have in our lobby.  So this here is my acceptance speech, WWJW readers, in which I thank you, for your dedicated (*and undedicated; I don’t discriminate!) perusing of my site.  All jokes aside, I am happy that you keep coming back for more — please spread the love this holiday season.  And keep me on my toes — I love your comments — good, bad… indifferent not so much but hey you’re trying!  So, in honour of the upcoming Thanksgiving feast, I thank you, readers.  Or as Pupsy would say, “Thank yu, and guud nyte.”


Flanner Flannel lumberjack shirt, Old Navy (*thanks Amy, for the spellcheck!)
– Paper Denim & Cloth faded black jeans
– Adidas boots
– Daisy c/o Michael’s


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  1. um just because i spell everything wrong and you never do…should that be “flannel” lumberjack shirt or is “flanner” something im just not hip to yet? love the look, regardless of the spelling!

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