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When I uploaded the photo du jour, I noticed it bore a striking resemblance to something else.  Hmmm, what could it be? I pondered, as I went about my morning.  And then it occurred to me: a portrait of yours truly that my friend Scott had created on madmanyourself.com.  Check it out:

Specimen A

 Specimen B  

At least in pose, stature, and foliage, right?  Hot damn, backyard’s bangin like a Benz-y; even Joan Holloway gets dwarfed!  In any case, I give the floor to Scott for a full description of his motivation:

so these last couple of days have been ridiculously slow here.  which means i’ve had nothing to do but mess around on the computer.  remember that commercial (i think it was for high speed internet or something) where the guy is surfing the web and comes to a page that says “you have reached the end of the internet”?… yeah, its been kinda like that.

anyway, this is BY FAR the best thing i found on the internet today!!!!!!!!http://www.amctv.com/originals/madmen/madmenyourself/

check out the ones i made of me and you.  madman scott (*see below) is complete w/curly hair, sick glasses and a fashion forward suit (well, as fashion forward as a retro 1950s suit can be anyway).

and a couple of things about yours:
1) i went with the thicker body type to represent your “bo jackson thighs.” i’m not saying you really look like that.
2) i put every possible accessory available on madwomen jilly (aka donna draper)

So there ya have it, folks.  The 1960’s version of me would still work in advertising and look like a jewelry box threw up.

– White scoopneck ribbed shirt, the Limited
– White boybeater
– Rag & Bone cropped skinny jeans
– Jessica Simpson cobalt flats
– Moschino Cheap & Chic scarf
– Tiffany mesh ring (not pictured, *thanks Mom)
– Spoon ring (not pictured, *thanks Mom)
– Circle CZ stud earrings (not pictured)


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  1. do very large birds horizontally projectile poo on that window?? or were people throwing eggs at you? you look pretty, the rest of that gloomy scene is just awful.

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