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Dead week at work makes for a dead week at WWJW.  The skeleton crew here at MS3 really doesn’t have much to say about my Olsenboye shirt (although Lenora Epstein does).  So you know what I’ll do?  Pose like I got a little Captain in me.  Hey, it’s for a good cause right?  Besides, Brent scored me 20 points in my Fantasy Football matchup.  Let’s hope that blogging about it will bring me luck, just like it did last time.

– Olsenboye plaid flannel shirt
– Black Seven jeans
– Black Calvin Klein belt
– Blowfish booties
– Black fingerless gloves, Forever 21
– Angel hoop earrings
– Silver chain (*thanks Grandma)
– Glitter “I’m with the band” bracelet
– Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple



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We infilltratud Mommie’s blogg today!  We gott new stuff for Chrissmiss an we want to show it off.  Pepsy iz sittin prettie in hur pastell pink Snuggie.  Lookit how she louks lyk a cute littul Ewok with hur earz stickin owt.

Yea an Pupsy is showing his Yankie pryde with his new collur.  World Champeons forevur!

See Mommie aftur the jump.

On Pepsy Beyonce
– Pink hoodie, The Bear Mill
– Ooh La La fragrance

On Pupsy DeSean
– New York Yankees keychain
– Bad attitude

– Express silk bow top
– Express cardigan
– Black Willi Smith dress pants
– Jessica Simpson cobalt rhinestone flats
– Disney Couture Bambi earrings
– Nails: Essie Mint Candy Apple


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No major introduction is necessary for the legendary Bo Jackson, my favourite athlete of all time.  Today I wear his Raiders jersey to commemorate him and also bring luck to my Fantasy Football team, Beaux Jackson, and 2 of my players, Vincent Jackson and DeSean Jackson.  While I’m at it, let’s give a nod to Michael, bringing today’s total up to a celebration of the new Jackson 5.  Let’s go boys, bring it home!

– Official Reebok Bo Jackson #34 Raiders jersey
– North Face tee
– Ruehl jeans
– Adidas boots
– Twisted metal silver earrings


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I used to wonder why Lindsay Lohan prefers the scowly face of late.  You could argue that it has something to do with her fall from grace, or any of the singular factors contributing to it.   After today’s photo shoot, I’m considering an alternate theory — maybe she just thinks she looks really fierce!  Amazingly, once you commit your face to a grimace, you don’t have to worry about, “Do I look ok?  Am I trying too hard?  Do I look like the Cheshire Cat?”  True I might be wearing pink and purple, but my face says otherwise!

– Gadzooks plum sweater
– Boybeater
– Paper Denim & Cloth faded black jeans
– Blowfish booties
– Punk rock belt (*thanks Nick)
– Esprit scarf
– Juicy Couture Go Couture Yourself pin


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Scott: “Whad I tell you about the lipstick?”
Me: “That you think it’s totally fetching on me.”

So you could imagine the little celebration dance that Scott did when Steve said there was something… unique, very Six Feet Under about my lipstick… it sorta looked like this.


– BCBG sheer black sweater (*custom teeth marks c/o my charming bunny Cheetah)
– Black camisole
– Tweed pants
– Christian Siriano for Payless boots
– Home made organic spike necklace (*funny story — I’d seen a spread in a fashion magazine detailing these organic spike details that were tres in.  Balking at the $2000+ pricetag on the Burberry items, I undertook a quest to find a more affordable option.  After several days of pining away, I caved in and bought 100 tooth-shaped bijoux, 100 s-rings, and 2 silver chains, totaling $17.50.  3 days, 4 fingernails, and a heating pad later, I fashioned my own organic spike masterpiece.  With pride I wore it to the mall… only to find a complete replica of the original Burberry inspiration… for $18.)
– Pyramid stud earrings 3.0
– Smashbox lip gloss in Sultry
– NYX lipstick in Almost Black


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A long time ago, I read one of those girl power! articles about 25 reasons why it’s fun to be female, namely in contrast to the alternative.  One of the items was that girls look “elfin and gorgeous” when wearing their significant others’ shirts; guys… not so much.  I always liked the ring of “elfin and gorgeous.”  Today I bring you at least half of that statement.  And not much else.

– Borrowed black & blue sweater, Billabong
– Juicy Couture jeans
– Gold-n-green flats
– Twisted Metal hoop earrings


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Yeah, see I told you I’m already yearning for summer.  Today I threw on my winterized summer gear… a summer outfit with a cardigan, exchanging my flippy floppies for some flats.  Even my necklace screams summer, with an ice pop and a beach ball.  And certainly, my drab, rootbound locks are lusting for some summer sun!  Puerto Rico next month will be a nice pit stop as I wait out the *real* “most wonderful time of the year.” 


– Hand-me-down sea foam cardigan
– Princy by Jessica Simpson buttercup top
– White tee
– Juicy Couture jeans
– Gold-n-green flats by Rebels
– Disney Couture Bambi hoop earrings
– Sights of summer necklaceTM
– J necklace
– Long gold necklace (*thanks Danny!)


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It’s not a good sign when winter hasn’t even officially hit and I’m already scrounging around my closet trying to find ways to wear my summer clothes.  That’s what happened this morning, which tik-tok‘d away precious moments and left me dressed rather unremarkably.  About the only thing I’m working with today is hair that’s about as wild as Khloe Kardashian’s Peta Ad, egads!


– Carol Little ribbon sweater
– Boybeater
– Rag & Bone extremely skinny jeans
– Jessica Simpson cobalt rhinestone flats


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I put the “fun” in funeral.  And why not?!  I think our deceased loved ones would love for us to go out dancing after mourning our loss.  That’s how they do it New Orleans style.

Thanks, Steve, for your thematic suggestion today.  That’s Steve on the right there ; )

– Black eyelet top (*from Ireland!  The one time I actually took magazines’ advice and bought it in more than one colour)
– Black Willi Smith dress pants
– Nude fishnets
– Metallic magenta driving shoes
– Floral headband
– Black and diamond stud earrings


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By now everyone’s so used to seeing my bib necklace that they don’t even remark anymore.  I don’t know why I would even link back to that photo because all it does is demonstrate how drastically my looks are reduced in the cold weather months.  In fact, I made a chart on Friday mapping out my looks on a scale of 1-10 on a month-by-month basis:

The worst days are ahead of us… but remain steadfast, young WWJW-ites.  Sure as summer, I shall return.


– Uniform by John Paul Richard long sleeved tee
– Z. Cavaricci (*not kidding) no wale corduroys
– Knockoff Tory Burch flats
– Prada bib necklace
– Black leather nails (clear matte + black)

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