December 8, 2009 at 10:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Today’s another example of one of those ladylike fashions I just have to go and ruin.  The cardigan looks like something I plucked from Sarah Newlin‘s closet, but when paired with jeans it comes back down to earth.  The gloves and ballet slippers are meant to look prim and prissy, but I’m not really wearing them in seriousness.  At least I don’t think I am…

Sometimes I’m not sure anymore!  It’s funny, I was just having this conversation today with WWJW reader Amy, about the intersection of “fame” and “normalcy.”  As Communication majors, we are both deeply fascinated by contemporary anthropology (*that’s a fancy way of saying “we gossip and try to find meaning in so doing”).  My thoughts were as follows:

Jilly: with reality tv showing normal people that if they act like themselves, only amplified, they can be stars, people are going buck wild wearing looney outfits and no pants and coming up with personal catch phrases 
Jilly: i mean sh*t i’m half guilty with my blog
Jilly: if i have an outfit that looks bland, i think “what can i put on to make people talk”
Jilly: now imagine if i played the piano and sang like a diva?
Jilly: i’d be having that internal convo every day

What do you think?

– Vintage Liz Claiborne cardigan
– Boybeater
– Seven for All Mankind jeans
– Ballet flats
– Cotton gloves
– Chanel CC huggie earrings


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  1. well those gloves would definitely have had me talking. and if i did not know you but was the new girl in your office, i would probably chat with my friend jill and tell her i had a lady gaga wannabe in my office. but of course all of that would just be me trying to hide the fact i was jealous of her gloves (they are so mad men) and chanel huggie earrings. love the pic of the gloves on the copier by the way!

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