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I’ve exhaused all my prose on a disgusted letter to my condo association (*available in its full, impassioned glory below).  Besides, a picture speaks a thousand words… so here are 2000 for yo’ a$$.

– BCBG silk scarf blouse
– Symmetry pants
– Apt 9 saddle shoes
– Fishnet knee highs
– Tophat headband
– Horseshoe earrings
– Diamond band ring
– Nails in OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress


It’s with great pride I bring you,
in 3 Acts,

My Passionate Gripes with My Condo Association
(An LLC To Whom I Pay $225/Month)

Below is information from the mortgage company about the paperwork Regency Management filled out to complete my home refinance.  You could see where my confusion may have lain.  Regarding the $65 payment, I was incorrect; it was only a temporary grant from the mortgage company as the paperwork was awaiting completion on your end.

Nevertheless, as a client, I am extremely dissatisfied with this and any contact I’ve had with the Regency Management Company.  In this instance, I know completion of the proper paperwork was delayed (to the point that a favor had to be called in, the very origin of the issue here), and that Regency gave Greater New Jersey Mortgage a hard time throughout the process.  Once the refinance was complete and I had a simple question, I was faced with a poor attitude from the Vice President of the organization.  Admittedly, I didn’t have all the right facts in front of me, but this quite easily could have been a conversation in which we came to an understanding at the end.  Instead, Diane’s approach took one of aggression and further confused me and the issue at hand.

I could have easily chalked up this experience to my own naivete or Diane having a bad day, but this was not the first occasion I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with Regency.  A few months ago, I had a leak in the ceiling of my first floor unit caused by a bald patch on the roof; after rainfall, water was leaking around the exhaust pipe from my water heater.  I reported the problem to Regency’s Weekend/After Hours hotline (it was a Friday night), received a call from the on-duty personnel (who was competent and cordial), and the ticket was issued.  I expressly requested to receive a call on Monday to find out more information.  No such call came.  I called Regency later that day and Diane barked back the information I already knew.  I tried asking her a few follow-up questions, mostly concerning damage such as mold or ceiling instability, that might have resulted from the leak.  Diane’s tone was dismissive and she repeatedly tried to get off the phone with me.  Moreover, she leaned on “policy” as an explanation for the way things would be: any ceiling damage I would be held responsible for, even though the cause of the ceiling damage was a problem that the association was accountable for.  I dropped my animosity once the leak was fixed and no damage was apparent.  My conversation with Diane today, however, reignited my fervor.

I find Regency Management completely unapproachable in providing guidance in any home-related queries.  This is deeply problematic because it’s my understanding that that is one of its primary tenets.  It pains me every month to write out that check to my association, because as a client, I just don’t feel my “business” is valued.


See, I’m not all self-deprecation and wit : D
xoxo, Jillakiss


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  1. The shirt looks like something Mrs. Bloomfield would wear. Oh, reader, you don’t know Mrs. Bloomfield? I’m sure you do. She was your third grade teacher with a dark, fuzzy 1990s beehive, dazzling in her monolithic geometric satin blouse and Mom-waisted pants. What’s crazy is that though I have an opinion of that shirt, I’m not sure if I hate it or like it. It’s sure something. Photo 2 is goddamned brilliant, as is the line “Besides, a picture speaks a thousand words… so here are 2000 for yo’ a$$.” I’ve already commented on your exchange with Diane, who could use an attitude stylist.

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