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Today’s entry is dedicated to the generosity of 2 men who have bestowed great vintage gifts upon me.  The first, Timmy, you’ve read about before.  In another random act of kindness, Timmy decided to give me the KILLER boots you see on my feet… and table.  And even though they elicited a “How’s your horse?  You rode it to work?” they’re dead-up.  Cowboy boots are a state of mind, and they’ll never *not* be in fashion.  Timmy knows that… that’s why they were impeccably preserved, in the very box he bought them in, with shape-holding cardboard inserts and warranty information.

Timmy’s gingerly care puts him in the unique company of my dad (*in fact, their social circles overlapped some in their 20s), the source of the baseball tee I’m wearing today.  Abercrombie would be super jealous of the softness of this shirt; it’s broken in to perfection.  At one time, the sleeves were probably royal blue, but they’ve faded to a sheerer, heather shade.

Neil Young said it’s “better to burn out than rust out.”  Timmy and my dad prove that neither is an option too, and I’m lucky enough to be the beneficiary of their efforts!

– Vintage royal blue baseball tee (*thanks Dad!)
– White camisole
– Ruehl jeans, The Barrow
– Cowboy boots (*thanks Timmy!)
– CC Skye oversize pyramid stud bracelet
– Gold hoop earrings

And here’s yesterday’s outfit, now that my camera’s back in action.

– BCBG kelly/rosette cardigan
– Yellow sequined tank, Gap
– Black and white nubby slacks (*anyone know what this type of fabric is called?)
– Apt 9 saddle shoes
– Multi-strand black metal bracelet, Forever 21
– Gold watch by Vestal
– VS studded bangle


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  1. Chill (or should I say Jilly?),
    I was wondering where that shirt went, and now that I know it has a home where it is respected and cherished, I feel a sense of relief. I love your blog and your new boots, courtesy of Timmy.
    You know what Becky would say…”Fill your boots, lass”

  2. is the baseball tee from the softball days???

  3. Those boots are gorgeous. Timmy is a gem. Since I don’t know him, I will liken him to a young Tim Gunn, with this thoughtful fashion sense. That shirt is vintage Englishtown & is probably older than you. In that pose, you look exactly like you did circa 1986-87 laying on the couch reading “Ramona Quimby Age 8”. I love it.

  4. Did “it’s better to burn out than rust out” come from a Neil Young song or was it just a quote?

  5. Any assistance please

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