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An exciting announcement from Celine, Phoebe Philo, and Barneys should distract my loyal WWJWites from today’s humdrum outfit.  The truth is, I’m leaving momentarily for a vacation to sunny Puerto Rico.  Naturally I’m beside myself with excitement, so dressing down was all I could handle.  Same goes for the poor people standing behind me in the security line at the airport.

– Alternative Apparel tunic (*thanks Jen!)
– Black camisole
– Forever 21 skinny jeans
– Rebels flats
– Black coral charm
– Horn necklace
– Twisted silver hoop earrings
– Botkier handbag



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Yesterday the style(?) manual for Pi Phi sorority at Cornell University hit the buzzosphere.  What I’m hoping is that these holier-than-thou Heathers put their Ivy League education to use and “leaked” this document in some sort of Arnellian fashion (*no pun intended) to stealthly and curiously promote their brand.  What I’m thinking, on the other hand, is that these pretty, preppy pre-Stepfords mean (*pun still not intended) every last morsel.  And so today, in hopes of being selected to the Alpha Omega class (AKA hell must have frozen over and Jesus Christ himself is back in action), I bring you my Thursday Best.

– Mint julep sweater, Twiggy
– Willi Smith trousers
– Tweed pumps, Chinese laundry
– Juicy Couture leather scottie headband
– Pearl necklace (*thanks Dad, or should I say “Thanks Daddy!” to be in character)
– Pearl earrings


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Erin doesn’t hate it.  Rachel dies for it.  Urban knocked it off, and you can too!  Just when I swore I’d never wear a poncho, I found out about this droopy, drapy swath of Southwestern pattern and fell in lust.  “Lust,” I say, because at price points approaching 4 digits, I suspected I’d never own my own.  Enter Forever 21 and their “inspired” shall we say? pieces, and voila! I’m dressed for today… and any upcoming travel plans I may have ; )  Countdown: 2 days til Puerto Rico!

P.S. I’m holding a sign that says “Nick” because I’m entering the Forever Sweetheart contest at Chictopia.com.

– Forever 21 Electric Navajo Cloak
Moonshine Music long sleeved tee
– Black leggings
– Christian Siriano booties
– Juicy Couture “Go Couture Yourself” brooch


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I’ve described before occasions where I dress sort of off-style, but really go big with it.  Today is another example of this behaviour.  My tee depicts a rockabilly sweetheart falling head-over-heels, and while I can relate wholeheartedly to the latter, the pretty, prissy damsel I cannot.  In order to wear this tee, I really need to embrace the whole look, and put on my enormous rhinestone earrings, sparkliest ballet flats, and the biggest, poufiest bun imaginable, the one that belonged to that girl in your second grade Reading class you envied so vehemently. 

– White cardigan, Cherokee
– Oopsie Daisy tee, Heart Breaker (*thanks Mom!)
– Kate jeans, Juicy Couture
– Statue of Liberty flats, Rebels
– Aqua belt, H&M (*thanks sis!)
– Blingy bracelet (*thanks Nick!)
– 4 stacked rings
– Rhinestone earrings

P.S. I used a netted contraption to roll my bun, but the girls over at The Frisky recommend something more commonplace.  You too can join the ranks of bun-nies like J.Co, J. Lo, and J.Jo:


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There once was a blogger named Jilly,
Whose preference for clothing was silly.
E’ry once in a while,
She compromised style,
Cause meetings’ dress code is vanilly.

– Gray suit, The Limited
– Free People pinstriped floral top
– All Black brand suede shoes
– Coach scarf
– Gold hoop earrings


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Because sometimes it takes more than a “minus three to keep you humble.”

Interlocutor 1: https://whatwouldjillywear.wordpress.com/
Interlocutor 1: This girl works in my office
Interlocutor 1: she is sooo funny
Interlocutor 1: thought you would like it
Interlocutor 1: her writing is awesome
Interlocutor 2: if she actually had any fashion sense, it would be cool
Interlocutor 2: writing is fine
Interlocutor 1: yeah her fashion sense is awful, but her writing is really good
Interlocutor 2: its ok  – a bit too chit chatty
Interlocutor 1: it is a blog
Interlocutor 2: i see
Interlocutor 1: not a NY Times article
Interlocutor 2: so what – blogs are not just for people to rant thoughts
Interlocutor 2: that was their initial purpose
Interlocutor 1: this one is
Interlocutor 2: but that was 8 years ago
Interlocutor 2: you are missing my point
Interlocutor 2: her writing would be much better IF she actually had good content
Interlocutor 2: like when talking about a white cardigan from high school, show a photo of a designer from the 80’s that actually made a designer cardigan so that you can prove its longevity.
Interlocutor 2: not saying her writing isnt good
Interlocutor 2: but if she actually had things to write about and was able to build out her content, people would actually want to read it
Interlocutor 1: I am not sure she does it to gain exposure
Interlocutor 1: she does it for fun
Interlocutor 1: but thanks for your advice
Interlocutor 1: maybe I will share it with her
Interlocutor 2: im a writer –  i get paid to write. so value my opinion, dont make fun of it.


– Victoria’s Secret Pink “Look At Me” tee
– Boyfriend blazer
– Boybeater
– Forever 21 skinny jeans
– Juicy Couture Birdie boots
– Rip Curl fedora (*thanks Nick!)
– Envelope necklace
– Virgin Mary necklace by Tiffany
– Bamboo earrings
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Flat wheat bracelet
– Rosary ring with cross charm (*According to fashion maven Rachel Zoe, fringe rings are right on time)
– Bvgari ring


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No comments about today’s outfit, but I did get petted.  Is this, like, a new trend or something?  I was out at Green Rock in Hoboken a few months ago and my cousin and WWJW contributor got petted not once but twice that night!  When did random acts of affectionate hair smoothing become so epidemic?!

You know what is a new trend though… the colour turquoise; Pantone named it the 2010 colour of the year.  And get a load of how many people are talking about it (hint: click through).  Golly!  So you *know* I had to get my talons on a bottle of turq nail polish (strike that, reverse it).  Just $2 at the newly designed Wal-Mart in Howell.  Offish impressed!


– Chocolate ribbed tee, Limited
– Winter white  jumper, Mandee
– Brown leggings, Target
– Cowboy boots (*thanks Timmy!)
– Envelope necklace (*thanks Pupsy and Pepsy)
– Gold watch, Vestal
– Brown studded bracelet
– Gold and diamond hoop earrings
– Nails: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away!


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If you read enough fashion magazines or watch a lot of modeling programming, you know that the *It* way to describe a Parisienne is, “She has that certain — je ne sais quoi.”  Literally meaning I know not what, the concept of je ne sais quoi roughly translates to “She was kind of a stone cold b*tch, but she was hot.  Maybe not so much hot as slim and well-dressed.  Maybe not so much well-dressed as wearing [insert any French fashion like the beret, cigarette pants — not to be confused with Le Smoking, the act of or the androgynous suit — or today’s featured item, the slender, striped tee].”  You see, French styling is almost a cheat code to looking good.  So even if she doesn’t have that je ne sais quoi, she looks the part.

It’s just like Barbara Bing, intern at Marie Claire says: “I’ll tell you the secret of the French sexy way of being: Everybody thinks that we are.”


– Dear by Amanda Bynes striped tee
– Kimchi Blue tuxedo cardigan
– Miss Sixty cheetah print jeans
– Blowfish booties
– Machine gun printed scarf
– Fluorescent yellow hoop earrings
– Nails: still Revlon Chocolate Truffle (*I’m quite liking how well this shade goes with a host of outfits — even black!  The debate about wearing black and brown together rages on, but I’m going for it!)

On Pepsy, the pretty Parisian princess
– Fleur de lis earrings
– Je Taime necklace


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Those of us who have closets that are bursting at the seams (*you know who you are!) often get chided for it.  “How can you possibly wear all those clothes?”  (We can.)  “Why do you need all  that stuff?!”  (Shrug.)  My question today is: is it acceptable to accumulate a mass of clothes if you’re building your collection over years and years?  My sweater today, for example, I got sophomore year of high school… in 1996.  Can anybody find fault in it still living in my closet?  Occasionally making its way into my outfit?  Am I a bad person or some sort of fashion junkie because I also have a plain white cardigan?  There are items I have dating back to 6th grade… beyond if you count the things I’ve pilfered from my dad (*or Tim).  Is it really a bad thing that I haven’t gotten rid of them?  Don’t get me wrong, I donate clothing to charities when appropriate, but there are just some items not worth parting with.  Not yet at least.  And I’m not really sure how to reconcile my lust for new fashions without amassing more.  I think I need a bigger closet…

– Free People eyelet cardigan
– Boybeater
– Skinny jeans, Forever 21
– Suede cowboy boots
– Copper sequin scarf (*thanks Duke!)
– Turquose van Cleef dangle earrings
– Bailey wool fedora


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I vastly prefer summer to winter.  Today happened to be a glorious (*by my standards) January day, affording me the opportunity to wear an ensamble that would best qualify as Resort 2010.  I think it was a cheery choice, because I received a number of compliments today.

And because I’m not *completely* vapid and self-centered, I urge anyone who hasn’t donated to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund to please do so.  A very simple “Haiti” text to 90999 will donate $10 to people who really need it.  A financial donation goes much further than clothing or food, no matter how much excess you have.  And unlike organizations that look to benefit from others’ hardships, the Red Cross puts every dollar to good use.

Happy MLK Day too, y’all.

   Bronze shoes aren't a bad substitute for bronzed goddess

– Lucca tunic
– Brown camisole
– No wale corduroys, Earl Jeans
– Bronze Diba shoes
– Juicy Couture necklace
– White agate neckace
– CC Skye bracelet
– Metal bangle
– Coach turnlock bangle
– Heidi Klum clover earrings
– Nails: Chocolate Truffle by Revlon
– Toes: Mint Candy Apple by Essie

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