January 4, 2010 at 11:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Happy New Year!  May your holidays have been bright and cheery.  It’s been quite cold here in the Northeast since last week, and not showing any signs of warming.  So I decided to wear shorts today.  Logical, right?  That’s just how we do over here at WWJW.  I think I felt guilty after wearing sweats for the past 4 days straight, and wanted to put on a little polish today.  And there ya have it.

– Gray Gap turtleneck (“Gray?”  Well, it was gray… until I washed it with some cheap, terrible top that bled onto it… tried to reverse the damage with some dishwasher detergent — DON’T TRY IT — it contains bleach and only works on whites, learned that the hard way… bought a box of cranberry Rit dye to make amends.  Voila!)
– Kelaine’s castaway wool shorts
– Black VS sleep tee
– Black tights
– Christian Siriano for Payless booties
– Chain mail earrings (not pictured)
– Tiffany mesh ring
– Monkey ring
– Assorted rings
– Nails: Gunmetal by Sally Hansen


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  1. That’s m’girl! Rit dye, love it. Please tell me that the ring on your middle finger, left hand, is not one of the ones from the dental office I worked in.

  2. wait, back it up. that sweater was grey and now is cranberry? that’s bananas. i have a few sweaters i’d like to purposly (purposely? no matter how i spell it, it doesnt look right and i refuse to look it up. i’m going with the first version outside of parentheses) (parentheses? that doesn’t look right either)) spoil. you’ve told me of this dye before but that looks like it came that way, impressive. and i wore the same flannel showflake pants for 4 days straight while vacationing up at hunter mountain last week. and by 4 days straight i mean they only left my body once for a quick shower. k gotta go love you byeeee l8r ❤ xoxo

  3. You have something in common with this old lady I saw at the drug store yesterday. Both of you wore garments that were inappropriate for the weather, but you made it work – by adding the tights and the boots. This lady was wearing a blue tennis skirt, white keds, a flannel shirt and a scarf tied around her head. It was the oddest outfit I have seen in awhile

  4. Grey to cranberry? Wagwan im tinks dis geezer look fresh. RESPEK. Those shorts look way better on you, mostly because I don’t wear them with Christian Siriano booties, but instead with Pumas from the 11th grade. I like your confused pose and your calves look as fierce as Christian could ask for, girrrrrrrl.

  5. Stella — nope, it’s from one of those Main St. boutiques in Belmar.
    Miko — love the stream of consciousness. Also happy to learn that I wasn’t the only one bummin it all weekend. What can we say, makes viewing LOST all the easier!
    Wage — that’s positively looney tunes. Did you happen to overhear her prescription? Was it for a chemical imbalance? Or, taking it a different direction, hot flashes?
    Chall — I’ve worn the shorts with this outfit as well: https://whatwouldjillywear.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/11-09-09/
    to get a more “you” vibe. So I can see where you’re coming from.

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