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My friend Claire dresses pretty conservatively (which is why it’s hilarious that we showed up at the bar once in nearly identical outfits).  Many of our emails involve her saying, “Interesting… but not something I could ever pull off.”  (*She could.)  One fine day we were emailing about my last trip to the mall before I gave up shopping for Lent.  “What did you get?” she asked.  “Nothing much — a few staples — gray cardigan, camisole, oh, and 2 pairs of fingerless lace gloves.”  Now in my mind, the “oh, and” was a big time transition, separating the “staples” from the “whimsies.”  In Claire’s engineer mind, however, “oh, and” doesn’t even register — that’s filler fluff that gets edited out along the way.  And so Claire thinks/thought that I categorize fingerless lace gloves as a necessity.  (*I don’t.)

– Kimchi Blue tuxedo cardigan
– Fire Los Angeles floral ruffle shirt
– Symmetry pants
– White lace socks
– Chinese Laundry tweed shoes
– White lace gloves
– Pretty Wings necklace
– Rhinestone earrings
– Urban Decay lipstick in Oil Slick
– Wet n Wild nail polish in Morbid



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  1. You forgot to list your white lace fingerless gloves (necessities that they are jk) in your outfit listing. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. The pose, hair, and dark motif are Jill Skellington.

    • LOVE

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