January 13, 2010 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Nary a “boo” to my outfit today… which I strange because I always feel like Coco Chanel when I wear my pearls, boucle, and fingerless gloves.  And although it was big news in WWJillyland, my hair cut barely made the paper (let alone Page Six).

BTW, this was the image I brought Tara, my hair stylist — how’d she fare?

(Another angle)

– White cardigan, Target
– Brown tee, Gap
– Juicy Couture Kate jeans
– Handsome mules, Aldo
– Tweed boucle scarf, Papagena
– White lace fingerless gloves
– Diamond and pearl earrings, Atlantic City boardwalk



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  1. Is “handsome mules” the actual name of those shoes, or is that a WWJW original? Regardless, it’s brilliant. Hmm, no buzz about the accessories? I suppose none of them are off the wall. Maybe shake things up a bit. Anyone could and would wear this outfit, which makes it classy but not Page Six. Y porque alguien necesita decirlo, tu cabello parece muy bonita. No es tan corto ni tan largo. Está perfecto por el invierno (aunque en el invierno, nada está perfecto. Necesito el sol inmedietamente).

    • WWJW orij… yeah I always think of leathers that colour as “handsome.” It reminds me of Mr. Belvedere. iGracias en mi pelo!

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