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For years and years, every time I’d go to NYC I would see pink shopping bags imprinted with the word Conway.  “What is this mythical place they call Conway?” the voices in my head would ask.  And yet, I’d never verbalize them.  The people carrying Conway bags would give each other knowing glances, across subway platforms or crowded restaurants, as though they belonged to a secret society I assumed was centered around fashion.  I felt intimidated to ask the question on my mind.

Until one day a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon a Conway on my way back to Penn Station.  “Eureka!” the voices sang.  “We’ve found the Fountain of Fashion!”  Perusing the racks, I found a few items that had potential, but no fitting room in which to try them.  I circled the store twice, then flagged a clerk, who turned out to be mute (*or perhaps just b*tchy); she shook her head “no” to my questions about a fitting room or a mirror.  “Well,” the voices huffed, “This is no club we want to belong to,” and advised me to put down the plaid taffeta too-long-to-be-a-shirt/not-quite-long-enough-to-be-a-dress garment I was carrying.

Fifteen minutes later when my athletic(?) thigh exploded through my jeans, they had to eat their words.  But of course by then I was already far, far away, with a shirt tied around my waist Joey Lawrence style.  And a Conway bag in hand, containing today’s top (*which needn’t be tried on).

– Boyfriend blazer
– Trapeze off-duty model tee
– Seven jeans in black
– Juicy Couture “prancer shoes” (*coined by Nick)
– Black headband
– Tiffany Madonna necklace
– Spoon ring
– Bvlgari ring


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  1. How is Jilly V doin in 2010? i have been just terrible at keeping up with you, and most other people. i dont even know if i can catch up at this point, but i scolled down and back up real quicjk and noticed a few bold lipstick days. something new you’re trying to work in? i have a very strong position on lipstick.

  2. Prancer shoes! HA! You (and Nick) should get a contract for naming footwear. I’m surprised how much I like this look. If I saw that shirt in a store, Conway or otherwise, I’d probably not even give it a moment’s thought. No chance. But it’s actually quite nice, even for work attire. Who knew? Certainly not a mute, rude bouncer at an exclusive fashion club.

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