January 19, 2010 at 10:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Those of us who have closets that are bursting at the seams (*you know who you are!) often get chided for it.  “How can you possibly wear all those clothes?”  (We can.)  “Why do you need all  that stuff?!”  (Shrug.)  My question today is: is it acceptable to accumulate a mass of clothes if you’re building your collection over years and years?  My sweater today, for example, I got sophomore year of high school… in 1996.  Can anybody find fault in it still living in my closet?  Occasionally making its way into my outfit?  Am I a bad person or some sort of fashion junkie because I also have a plain white cardigan?  There are items I have dating back to 6th grade… beyond if you count the things I’ve pilfered from my dad (*or Tim).  Is it really a bad thing that I haven’t gotten rid of them?  Don’t get me wrong, I donate clothing to charities when appropriate, but there are just some items not worth parting with.  Not yet at least.  And I’m not really sure how to reconcile my lust for new fashions without amassing more.  I think I need a bigger closet…

– Free People eyelet cardigan
– Boybeater
– Skinny jeans, Forever 21
– Suede cowboy boots
– Copper sequin scarf (*thanks Duke!)
– Turquose van Cleef dangle earrings
– Bailey wool fedora


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  1. Great posing! Looks like a regular ole photo sesh. In response to your questions, no, it’s not bad to make new friends but keep the old. Maybe you need this instead of a bigger closet. Also, fashion-wise, that sequin scarf is sick.

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