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If you read enough fashion magazines or watch a lot of modeling programming, you know that the *It* way to describe a Parisienne is, “She has that certain — je ne sais quoi.”  Literally meaning I know not what, the concept of je ne sais quoi roughly translates to “She was kind of a stone cold b*tch, but she was hot.  Maybe not so much hot as slim and well-dressed.  Maybe not so much well-dressed as wearing [insert any French fashion like the beret, cigarette pants — not to be confused with Le Smoking, the act of or the androgynous suit — or today’s featured item, the slender, striped tee].”  You see, French styling is almost a cheat code to looking good.  So even if she doesn’t have that je ne sais quoi, she looks the part.

It’s just like Barbara Bing, intern at Marie Claire says: “I’ll tell you the secret of the French sexy way of being: Everybody thinks that we are.”


– Dear by Amanda Bynes striped tee
– Kimchi Blue tuxedo cardigan
– Miss Sixty cheetah print jeans
– Blowfish booties
– Machine gun printed scarf
– Fluorescent yellow hoop earrings
– Nails: still Revlon Chocolate Truffle (*I’m quite liking how well this shade goes with a host of outfits — even black!  The debate about wearing black and brown together rages on, but I’m going for it!)

On Pepsy, the pretty Parisian princess
– Fleur de lis earrings
– Je Taime necklace


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