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Because sometimes it takes more than a “minus three to keep you humble.”

Interlocutor 1: https://whatwouldjillywear.wordpress.com/
Interlocutor 1: This girl works in my office
Interlocutor 1: she is sooo funny
Interlocutor 1: thought you would like it
Interlocutor 1: her writing is awesome
Interlocutor 2: if she actually had any fashion sense, it would be cool
Interlocutor 2: writing is fine
Interlocutor 1: yeah her fashion sense is awful, but her writing is really good
Interlocutor 2: its ok  – a bit too chit chatty
Interlocutor 1: it is a blog
Interlocutor 2: i see
Interlocutor 1: not a NY Times article
Interlocutor 2: so what – blogs are not just for people to rant thoughts
Interlocutor 2: that was their initial purpose
Interlocutor 1: this one is
Interlocutor 2: but that was 8 years ago
Interlocutor 2: you are missing my point
Interlocutor 2: her writing would be much better IF she actually had good content
Interlocutor 2: like when talking about a white cardigan from high school, show a photo of a designer from the 80’s that actually made a designer cardigan so that you can prove its longevity.
Interlocutor 2: not saying her writing isnt good
Interlocutor 2: but if she actually had things to write about and was able to build out her content, people would actually want to read it
Interlocutor 1: I am not sure she does it to gain exposure
Interlocutor 1: she does it for fun
Interlocutor 1: but thanks for your advice
Interlocutor 1: maybe I will share it with her
Interlocutor 2: im a writer –  i get paid to write. so value my opinion, dont make fun of it.


– Victoria’s Secret Pink “Look At Me” tee
– Boyfriend blazer
– Boybeater
– Forever 21 skinny jeans
– Juicy Couture Birdie boots
– Rip Curl fedora (*thanks Nick!)
– Envelope necklace
– Virgin Mary necklace by Tiffany
– Bamboo earrings
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Flat wheat bracelet
– Rosary ring with cross charm (*According to fashion maven Rachel Zoe, fringe rings are right on time)
– Bvgari ring



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  1. you are so cute! i don’t dig all your outfits but it doesn’t matter… you have such GUTS! i don’t have to love your style or every outfit to admire your experimentation and originality.

    • Hi LaReesa,
      Thanks! Yeah that’s what it’s all about right? Feeling good in what YOU wear. I’m glad that you can respect that. Hope to hear more from you in the future 🙂 Jillian

  2. this is hys-terical.

  3. Something tells me Interlocutor 2 is Angelina from Jersey Shore. The boring cockblock who no one liked or cared when she went missing after her first and only public airing.

    I’m a writer. I get paid to write. Oh please, go drown yourself in whiskey, Ernest. We’re all incredibly impressed.

    Thanks for having the moxie to put yourself on blast like this. Speaking of Moxie, can you wear that belt soon?

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