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Seeing as to how I’ve had contact with exactly 6 people today, and 1/3 of them told me I looked like I borrowed a shirt from Sawyer (*which would make me infinitely happy), I’m going to take a cue from my colleagues and call it a day.

– Plaid shirt, Club Monaco
– Peace sign hoodie, Baby Lace
– Jeans, Chip & Pepper
– Converse Chuck Taylors
– Gold watch, Vestal
– Glitter cuff bracelet (*thanks Nick)
– Leo constellation necklace
– Gold pyramid stud earrings 3.0
– Oil slick lipstick, Urban Decay
– Mod Hatter nail polish, OPI

And there’s my
– Trusty down jacket, Michael Kors
– War not peace scarf



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In high school I got a pair of burnt orange platform shoes (*what do you want from me?  It was Spicemania!), which I insisted on wearing at least two times a week.  One of my friends remarked, “It’s so funny how all of a sudden, you have so much orange in your wardrobe.”  BUSTED!  So rather than tiptoe (*pun intended) around the subject, I’m going to call myself out.  I’m officially looking for reasons to wear these sweet, so-ugly-they’re-not Dr. Martens… With Bouncing Soles of course.

– Dove purple boyfriend sweater, VS
– Boybeater
– Jeans, Chip & Pepper
– Doc Martens
– David Yurman double wheat buckle necklace
– Tiffany mesh ring


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The other day I penned an ode to the 1970s aesthetic.  And while I’ll always have a soft spot for the boho-chic stylings of the 70s, the 1990s grunge vibe is gaining momentum… at least in my closet it is.  Come to find out that grunge has its roots in the 1970s, both from a musical and fashion perspective.  In this article from 1992, Rick Martin writes, “Ratty rec-room chic has been hibernating since the 70’s, emerging from the basement every so often.” 

But there’s a certain tension between grunge being in fashion and grunge being in Fashion.  By definition, “grunge” happens when an individual exhibits a lack of interest in his/her appearance. “Grunge is about not making a statement, which is why it’s crazy for it to become a fashion statement,” remarked James Truman, the editor-in-chief of Details.

So how would grunge reclaim its accidental essence when Marc Jacobs famously and brilliantly released his 1992 grunge collection

Complete and utter abandonment.  As quickly as grunge galvanized music and style, it faded into the background to make way for post-grunge, Britpop, and same sex musical acts… and the clothes they wore.

P.S. I wanted to wear my Doc Martens today but it was just too much.

– Kimchi Blue tuxedo cardigan
– Fire Los Angeles floral ruffle shirt
– Miss Sixty fatigue skirt
– Black leggings
– Blowfish booties


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There’s not a whole lot of banter when I decide to dress conservatively.  A few people liked my shoes.  I’m not going to force this entry.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll go Gaga.

– CK Choice cap-sleeved blazer
– Sheer fuchsia top, Love Squared
– Hudson jeans
– Leather belt, Liz Claiborne (*custom distressing by Cheetah Skywalker)
– Silver Nine West pumps
– Silver cherub-on-hoop earrings
– Silver Je T’Aime necklace


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Vixens like Betty Draper and Joan Holloway on Mad Men have helped to popularize the pretty, feminine, leaving-something-to-the-imagination stylings of the 1960s.  On the other side of the spectrum, the 1980s are ripping through Fashion Week.  As for me, I always have a soft spot for the 70s.  Cue sound bite from Her Royal Septarian, Rachel Zoe: “I just feel like 70s is that whole like relaxed glamour, very effortless, nothing has too much shape and nothing is too tailored… and it’s all about layering really comfortable, glamorous clothes.”  I built today’s look around the zodiac necklace I’m wearing.  I might be a Leo, but I live every day like it’s the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

– Navy blue Alternative Apparel silk cowl neck tunic
– White Hanes wifebeater tank
– Brown Limited pants: the Drew fit
– Mahogany Aldo mules
– Braided gold headpiece
– Leo constellation necklace, Urban Outfitters
– Gold watch, Vestal
– Faux diamond earrings
– Chanel Blue Satin nail polish


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Before she was Cher, she was The Aerosmith Girl.  In the trilogy of Aerosmith videos, Cryin’, Amazing, and Crazy, Alicia Silverstone had everyone wondering who is that girl?  Girls crushed on her long, straight hair… her pouty lips… her belly button piercing.  Guys would give up their first born for this joyride in her car.  She even got to KO Josh Holloway!

Alicia Silverstone 1993-1994, you were a goddess.  I’m not worthy.

– Lumberjack shirt, Old Navy
– Black v-neck, Victoria’s Secret
– Skinny jeans, Forever 21
– Doc Marten lace boots
– Spike necklace
– Nails: Nicole by OPI in Baby Go Bye-Bye (*fun fact: Alicia Silverstone catapulted the nail polish brand Hard Candy into an overnight sensation when she wore on Late Night with David Letterman in the shade Sky.)

P.S. Coincidentally, I interacted with a fun Tide advertisement today to give words to my style… look what news item appeared alongside it.


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Perception/Reality is a neat little mind game.  Let’s play.

Perception: Vertical stripes are flattering.
Reality: Booty is booty, no matter how you stripe it.

Perception: I want a cute maxi dress — you know, something to just throw on and automatically look good.
Reality: Really?  : \  You sure about that?

Perception: This looks cool.
Reality: No it doesn’t.

Perception: It’s Ralph Lauren… it’s gotta look good.
Reality: “What’s going on with those boots you’re wearing?  Hmm, I’m not really sure about them.  They kinda remind me of Cat’s Eye.”

– Ralph Lauren Fair Isle sweater tank
– Gap cardigan
– Ruehl jeans
– Burnt orange suede belt
– Juicy Couture boots
– Flattened silver bracelet
– Horseshoe stud earrings


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I’ve been experimenting with the properties of my hair for quite some time now.  You know those hair profiling tools?  They baffle me.  My hair is: long, blonde, sometimes thick, knotty, oily at the roots, dry at the bottom, straight some days, wavy others.  I want: volume, shine, texture, dimension, length, strength, straightness some days, waviness others.  I guess you could say I want it all.  But where does that leave me product-wise?  With hair that hasn’t been washed in days and a scarf on my head, that’s where. 

– Black drape, Jonden
– Black silk top, JLo
– Black jeans, Seven
– Black boots, Christian Siriano for Payless (*his Spring 2010 concepts were tamed down a little bit but… meow!)
– “Valchiria” belt, Diesel
– Zodiac scarf
– Gold watch, Vestal
– Gold bracelets
– Gold stud ring, Aldo
– Nails: Nic’s Sticks by OPI in Baby Go Bye-Bye


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So I’m a few days late and many, many dollars short, but my look today is in tribute to the late Alexander McQueen.  When I think of Alexander McQueen, the first thing that comes to mind is his skull scarves that could be found draped around the necks of starlets like Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen.  I never owned anything Alexander McQueen, not even from the McQ collection for Go International.  But I always appreciated his strong POV and commitment to drama, both of which earned him a reputation as “l’enfant terrible,” a compliment in fashion suggesting unorthodox genius and true artistry.  It saddens me to learn about McQueen’s suicide, yes of course because contemporary fashion is losing a legend.  But even more than that, any time an individual of enormous talent and ambition can’t find happiness, it calls into question the very traits I put on a pedestal.  I always think life would be so great “if only.”  “If only” I had more time to create… “If only” I was internationally celebrated for my artistic vision.  More and more, however, I’m learning that finding peace isn’t about the achievements or even about recognizing any latent passions, though each is important.  Rather, happiness is that fine balance between contentment and complacency.  There’s a great story in a tortured artist.  But it’s not a story I’m eager to live.

– Blouse, Walmart
– Winter white slacks
– Forever 21 spectator shoes
– Ace of spades earrings
– 4 stacked rings
– Bvlgari ring


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What do you get when you cross lederhosen with a halter top?  No, not Hessians, try again.  Lederhalter!  Ever since a design team from Season 2 of Project Runway concepted and created a lederhosen-influenced lingerie look (probably to butter up the glorious German goddess Heidi), I’ve been fascinated with their intricate floral detailing and brazen colour palettes.  Just like some other fashions I’ve been known to like, milkmaid-inspired fashions are borderline ugly, but so iconic that they begin to look attractive.  Is there a name for this phenomenon?  If so, I stand guilty as charged.

– Victoria’s Secret lederhalter top
– White tee
– Kimchi Blue tuxedo cardigan
– Forever 21 skinny jeans
– Juicy Birdie boots

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