February 17, 2010 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

So I’m a few days late and many, many dollars short, but my look today is in tribute to the late Alexander McQueen.  When I think of Alexander McQueen, the first thing that comes to mind is his skull scarves that could be found draped around the necks of starlets like Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen.  I never owned anything Alexander McQueen, not even from the McQ collection for Go International.  But I always appreciated his strong POV and commitment to drama, both of which earned him a reputation as “l’enfant terrible,” a compliment in fashion suggesting unorthodox genius and true artistry.  It saddens me to learn about McQueen’s suicide, yes of course because contemporary fashion is losing a legend.  But even more than that, any time an individual of enormous talent and ambition can’t find happiness, it calls into question the very traits I put on a pedestal.  I always think life would be so great “if only.”  “If only” I had more time to create… “If only” I was internationally celebrated for my artistic vision.  More and more, however, I’m learning that finding peace isn’t about the achievements or even about recognizing any latent passions, though each is important.  Rather, happiness is that fine balance between contentment and complacency.  There’s a great story in a tortured artist.  But it’s not a story I’m eager to live.

– Blouse, Walmart
– Winter white slacks
– Forever 21 spectator shoes
– Ace of spades earrings
– 4 stacked rings
– Bvlgari ring



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  1. Wow, that was actually quite a lovely tribute, sis. Very heartfelt and soulful.

  2. I like this outfit!

  3. […] Then yesterday I found out about the McQ by Alexander McQueen sale going on at Gilt Group, a line I lamented not owning anything from.  Buying from Ebay was out of the question; with his untimely death, you […]

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