February 17, 2010 at 10:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I’ve been experimenting with the properties of my hair for quite some time now.  You know those hair profiling tools?  They baffle me.  My hair is: long, blonde, sometimes thick, knotty, oily at the roots, dry at the bottom, straight some days, wavy others.  I want: volume, shine, texture, dimension, length, strength, straightness some days, waviness others.  I guess you could say I want it all.  But where does that leave me product-wise?  With hair that hasn’t been washed in days and a scarf on my head, that’s where. 

– Black drape, Jonden
– Black silk top, JLo
– Black jeans, Seven
– Black boots, Christian Siriano for Payless (*his Spring 2010 concepts were tamed down a little bit but… meow!)
– “Valchiria” belt, Diesel
– Zodiac scarf
– Gold watch, Vestal
– Gold bracelets
– Gold stud ring, Aldo
– Nails: Nic’s Sticks by OPI in Baby Go Bye-Bye


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  1. This is my favorite look in a while. Maybe since the January yellow phase. Also, my hair won’t hold scarves like that because it’s too silky. I need an anti-petster hat.

    • Me too, sis. You’d be surprised how much more you can get your hair to do if you can resist the temptation to wash it. The hair itself is much more well-behaved and if you put powder in your roots it grips onto any hair adornments or even curls!

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