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Before she was Cher, she was The Aerosmith Girl.  In the trilogy of Aerosmith videos, Cryin’, Amazing, and Crazy, Alicia Silverstone had everyone wondering who is that girl?  Girls crushed on her long, straight hair… her pouty lips… her belly button piercing.  Guys would give up their first born for this joyride in her car.  She even got to KO Josh Holloway!

Alicia Silverstone 1993-1994, you were a goddess.  I’m not worthy.

– Lumberjack shirt, Old Navy
– Black v-neck, Victoria’s Secret
– Skinny jeans, Forever 21
– Doc Marten lace boots
– Spike necklace
– Nails: Nicole by OPI in Baby Go Bye-Bye (*fun fact: Alicia Silverstone catapulted the nail polish brand Hard Candy into an overnight sensation when she wore on Late Night with David Letterman in the shade Sky.)

P.S. Coincidentally, I interacted with a fun Tide advertisement today to give words to my style… look what news item appeared alongside it.


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