February 25, 2010 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

In high school I got a pair of burnt orange platform shoes (*what do you want from me?  It was Spicemania!), which I insisted on wearing at least two times a week.  One of my friends remarked, “It’s so funny how all of a sudden, you have so much orange in your wardrobe.”  BUSTED!  So rather than tiptoe (*pun intended) around the subject, I’m going to call myself out.  I’m officially looking for reasons to wear these sweet, so-ugly-they’re-not Dr. Martens… With Bouncing Soles of course.

– Dove purple boyfriend sweater, VS
– Boybeater
– Jeans, Chip & Pepper
– Doc Martens
– David Yurman double wheat buckle necklace
– Tiffany mesh ring



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  1. Miss the old square toed Doc Martens. Darn dirty forest dwellers.

    • Me too! When I bought these at that thrift store down on the Lakewood border, I told the woman that it was redemption for high school. What’s funny is, every time I go there, she says, “Didn’t bring your mom today?” She mixes me up with another girl who looks like me, she says, whose mom also shops there. The bonus is that said girl is a model!

  2. […] expected.  I got a little eager to wear my new floral dress in my quest to wear the sh*t out my Doc Martens.  I’ve been a real zealot with these boots, not just because they’re combat gear, but […]

  3. […] funned.”  Is that chain connected to your shirt?  That’s fun!  or Those sparkly Doc Martens are […]

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