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With Nick moving to a new domain, decorating has been top of mine mind.  (Freudian slip?  My fingers typed “top of mine” — I had to go back and change it.)  I’ve tried to be laissez faire about it but… I can’t help it.  I’m addicted to style.  He’s in the hunt for bedding that has a Southwest sort of Native American vibe to it.  Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about Lindsey Thornburg and her magical Sante Fe cloaks.

– Forever 21 Electric Navajo Cloak
– White Gypsy Rose button down tee
– Ruehl jeans, The Barrow fit
– Nine West sandals
– Lucky Brand belt
– Twisted silver hoop earrings
– White spike bracelet (*fascinating to my friend Tina’s 9 month old baby Lanie)
– Double wrap leather bracelet



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9:49 PM.  All’s calm on the western front.  Closet state: immaculate.  T-shirts: folded.  Hanging items: ironed (finally!) and cuffed.  Scarves: organized from biggest to smallest.  Mood: happy.

8:18 AM.  Mayday!  Mayday!  We have coastal flooding in NJ and relatedly (*not a real word) a closet disaster on our hands.  Perpetrator is distraught about dressing appropriately for today’s soggy forecast.  Rain puddles create a footwear challenge and precipitation will surely compromise hair quality.

8:25 AM.  Fairy Fidel Castro arrives.  “Stupid American… wear this!”

Whatttt?  Sometimes it takes a dash of dictatorship to get your *ss out the door in the morning!

– Victoria’s Secret wool military sweater
– Red belt, Express
– Banana Republic cargo pants
– Christian Siriano for Payless boots
– Tile necklace from Australia (*thanks sis!)
– 4 stacked rings
– Mesh ring, Tiffany
– And the ever-evolving manicure has become a French


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With a lull in stories about our heroine, I’ve decided to focus today’s entry on news in Betseyville.  Betsey Johnson, whose top I’m wearing today, recently lent her name and creative palette to the American Association of People with Disabilities’ (AAPD) annual gala event.  Between Betsey’s unmistakable flair and a performance by the legendary Stevie Wonder, the event was the organization’s most successful, raising $1.5 million.

…and awareness too.  Without Betsey’s name, it’s unlikely I would have found out about the gala… my faithful readers too!  ¡Viva la fashion!

– Betsey Johnson babydoll top
– White tee
– Kimchi Blue tuxedo cardigan
– Juicy Couture Kate jeans
– Suede cowboy boots
– Peace sign necklace
– Nails: Lilacism by Essie + Berry Water by Maybelline Water Paints = Neo Whimsical by Essie.  Manicure regret cured.

03.25 & 26.09

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I was out again yesterday wearing this with these and didn’t have time to upload a picture.

Today, on the other hand, I am in full WWJilly effect.  Unbeknownst to me, yesterday was her royal highness, Sarah Jessica Parker’s birthday (FabSugar did a piece to celebrate).  Coincidentally, like the day I wore a my (Red) tee on World Aids Day, I’m wearing a tee from her collection from Steve & Barry’s.  Which sounds a little like a day late and a dollar short, but as I’ve mentioned, I’m constantly planning ahead to keep up with my between-houses lifestyle.

Another coincidence?  The fact that my shirt says “Love and Peace” and my backyard has hearts and a peace symbol.  Technically I’m opposed to that sort of literalism, but when it happens serendipitously (why would I lie to you?), I’m kind of feelin’ the vibe.

– Love and Peace over Time and Money shirt, Bitten by SJP
– Baby Lace sweatshirt
– Juicy Couture Kate jeans
– Ugg moccasins
– Nails: Lilacism by Essie.  Yesterday, the Sheer Blonde Entourage took over Dashing Diva nail salon and I indulged in a mani/pedi.  The nail techs there were really talented!  Between the paraffin wax treatment, the footrub, and the polish job, I was thoroughly impressed.  My only regret is getting Lilacism and not Neo Whimsical.  Ooh!  What’s Chinchilly?  Tart Deco?  Somebody stop me!  I’m on a nail polish rampage!


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One of the problems of being a living out of a bag is that you hear 62 degrees and sunny when packing your overnight bag, and toss in a dress and sandals.  Word to the wise: don’t ever make that bold move before Memorial Day.  You’ll find yourself either:

a) fighting 30 MPH gusts of wind Marilyn Monroe style
b) hunkering down and draping your toga over your knees
c) wistfully gazing out the window into tantalizing, deceitful sunshine
d) all of the above.

– KA7 silk dress
– Gap studded belt
– Nude sandals
– Juicy Couture resort necklace
– Heidi Klum clover earrings
– Double wrap studded bracelet
– Nails: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Gray (*total misnomer… it’s much more of a taupe)

03.19, 22, & 23.10

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If aP = 1000W and 7P = 7000W, what do P and W signify?

See below for a clue.  If you’re a Mensa and need a clue, please return your membership card.



– Denim shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch
– Vintage baseball shirt, my dad
– Black jeans, Seven
– Leo constellation necklace, Urban Outfitters
– Giant pyramid stud bracelet, CC Skye
– Sunnies, Miss Sixty
– Oh My Fuchsia! Nails, Revlon

– Baby blue tee, Nordstrom
– White tank, Hanes
– Black jeans, Seven
– Baby blue moccasins, Ugg
– Leo constellation necklace, Urban Outfitters
– Organic spike necklace, homemade
– Double wrap bracelet, Billabong
– Undiamond ring, Avon

– Sheer Blonde Entourage t-shirt, JS/AA
– Long sleeved white tee, Juicy
– Black pencil skirt, Lost Enterprises
– Seal gray leather jacket, Forever 21
– Gladiator sandals, Steve Madden
– Ultragloss, Dior Addict


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I’ve been remiss in my posts, coming off a hectic week.  On Tuesday, I wore one of my boring ol’ Corporate Con outfits.  On Thursday, I was at an all-day event on behalf of my client, Sheer Blonde.  It was the PR kickoff to a promotion called the Sheer Blonde Entourage that we created.   During the day, we hosted dry styling sessions by the talented stylists at the New York John Frieda salons.  I even got to meet the fabulous-in-every-way Harry Josh.

At night, the perfectly adorable Natasha Bedingfield sang her heart out for an intimate gathering of all blondes.  Her voice is clear as a bell; no T-Pain necessary.

As for me, I was glad I’d rocked out in my new Alexander McQueen top, formal with its attached but undone bowtie, cazhe (“cagge” if you’re Megan) in its cotton jersey material.  It was the perfect canvas for my favourite accessory, my Sheer Blonde locks.  I even had the pleasure of meeting my defamer, looking all dolled up.  I smiled sweetly, then perfected my ice cold shoulder.

Tomorrow, I’m off to the Knicks/Nuggets game and Thursday it’s a Sheer Blonde Entourage takeover at Dashing Diva nail salon.  Tough life, right?

For more information on the Sheer Blonde Entourage, visit our “for blondes only” website.  Brunettes and gingers welcome too 😉

– McQ by Alexander McQueen bowtie top
– Forever 21 jeans
– Blowfish boots
– Pink by Victoria’s Secret quilted chain strap bag
– NYX lipstick in Eucalyptus


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Uh-oh, my mom’s going to be so mad at me… it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m not wearing even a SPECK o’green.  I completely forgot — that’s one of the downsides of living out of a bag and packing for days on end — you forget when days require special dress.  I’m going to head out and put on a green gym shirt to repent.

– Marc Jacobs long-sleeved tee
– Chip & Pepper jeans
– Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers
– Rip Curl fedora
– Twisted silver hoop earrings
– Bad Gal lash by Benefit in electric blue
– Electric blue liner (just a tad!)
– Nails: Oh My Magenta by Revlon


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Can you say “Keeping up with the Kardashians”?!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in that light!  Must be the liquid leggings, which I could swear looked even more like an oil slick at some point.  Oh well.  I’m all writing’d out for today — big presentation tomorrow and I just submitted an article for my other blogger group, The Daily Getup.  Ta-ta for now!

– Vintage Liz Claiborne wool sweater
– Black liquid leggings
– Blowfish boots


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Definitely a tad premature in yesterday’s declaration of spring, but that was expected.  I got a little eager to wear my new floral dress in my quest to wear the sh*t out my Doc Martens.  I’ve been a real zealot with these boots, not just because they’re combat gear, but because I believe I’m on a redemptive mission.  In high school, I had a seriously cool pair of Docs.  This was big, because it was my foray into branded fashions… bigger yet because it was my mom who championed for me to have them because she thought they looked “cute with a dress.”

I remember opening the box, I think it was on Christmas, and thinking, “Are these really Doc Martens?  Like, for real Doc Martens?”  Sure enough, they were.  With a square toe.  Now, to know me and to know my mom, the square toe probably came about because they were an unpopular style on discount somewhere (see, nowhere to be found in this collection).  But I kid you not, they were by far THE coolest pair of Docs.  Apparently, someone else thought so too, because shortly thereafter, they were stolen from my locker 😦

Upon finding a “replacement” pair at the vintage shop 10 (ok fine 15) years later, I’ve felt compelled to wear them as often as possible in memory of the lifted pair.

– Victoria’s Secret PINK floral dress
– Princy by Jessica Simpson army jacket
– Black leggings
– Doc Martens
– Vestal watch
– Billabong leather bracelet
– Peace sign necklace
– Silver hoop earrings
– Stacked sterling rings
– NYX lipstick in Eucalyptus

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