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Definitely a tad premature in yesterday’s declaration of spring, but that was expected.  I got a little eager to wear my new floral dress in my quest to wear the sh*t out my Doc Martens.  I’ve been a real zealot with these boots, not just because they’re combat gear, but because I believe I’m on a redemptive mission.  In high school, I had a seriously cool pair of Docs.  This was big, because it was my foray into branded fashions… bigger yet because it was my mom who championed for me to have them because she thought they looked “cute with a dress.”

I remember opening the box, I think it was on Christmas, and thinking, “Are these really Doc Martens?  Like, for real Doc Martens?”  Sure enough, they were.  With a square toe.  Now, to know me and to know my mom, the square toe probably came about because they were an unpopular style on discount somewhere (see, nowhere to be found in this collection).  But I kid you not, they were by far THE coolest pair of Docs.  Apparently, someone else thought so too, because shortly thereafter, they were stolen from my locker 😦

Upon finding a “replacement” pair at the vintage shop 10 (ok fine 15) years later, I’ve felt compelled to wear them as often as possible in memory of the lifted pair.

– Victoria’s Secret PINK floral dress
– Princy by Jessica Simpson army jacket
– Black leggings
– Doc Martens
– Vestal watch
– Billabong leather bracelet
– Peace sign necklace
– Silver hoop earrings
– Stacked sterling rings
– NYX lipstick in Eucalyptus


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  1. I am practicing PhotoShop and I was wondering if you would email me the one with the text and the 2 layers of underwater. I got really lost on that one.
    I like your website. You have a lot of different looks.


  2. Not sure how I feel about high-waisted looking dresses that aren’t fitted to the body. Sure, they’re cute, but you compare this fitting your cuerpo to tomorrow’s entry and there’s a clear winner. Otherwise, the Doc is IN.

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