March 22, 2010 at 11:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I’ve been remiss in my posts, coming off a hectic week.  On Tuesday, I wore one of my boring ol’ Corporate Con outfits.  On Thursday, I was at an all-day event on behalf of my client, Sheer Blonde.  It was the PR kickoff to a promotion called the Sheer Blonde Entourage that we created.   During the day, we hosted dry styling sessions by the talented stylists at the New York John Frieda salons.  I even got to meet the fabulous-in-every-way Harry Josh.

At night, the perfectly adorable Natasha Bedingfield sang her heart out for an intimate gathering of all blondes.  Her voice is clear as a bell; no T-Pain necessary.

As for me, I was glad I’d rocked out in my new Alexander McQueen top, formal with its attached but undone bowtie, cazhe (“cagge” if you’re Megan) in its cotton jersey material.  It was the perfect canvas for my favourite accessory, my Sheer Blonde locks.  I even had the pleasure of meeting my defamer, looking all dolled up.  I smiled sweetly, then perfected my ice cold shoulder.

Tomorrow, I’m off to the Knicks/Nuggets game and Thursday it’s a Sheer Blonde Entourage takeover at Dashing Diva nail salon.  Tough life, right?

For more information on the Sheer Blonde Entourage, visit our “for blondes only” website.  Brunettes and gingers welcome too 😉

– McQ by Alexander McQueen bowtie top
– Forever 21 jeans
– Blowfish boots
– Pink by Victoria’s Secret quilted chain strap bag
– NYX lipstick in Eucalyptus



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  1. LMAO! “DEFAMER” LOVE IT! You rocked that night! Keep it up Lt. Licious!!

  2. You look beautiful, love the shirt. Whoa, was that Moaning Myrtle I just saw whizzing by?

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