03.19, 22, & 23.10

March 23, 2010 at 5:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

If aP = 1000W and 7P = 7000W, what do P and W signify?

See below for a clue.  If you’re a Mensa and need a clue, please return your membership card.



– Denim shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch
– Vintage baseball shirt, my dad
– Black jeans, Seven
– Leo constellation necklace, Urban Outfitters
– Giant pyramid stud bracelet, CC Skye
– Sunnies, Miss Sixty
– Oh My Fuchsia! Nails, Revlon

– Baby blue tee, Nordstrom
– White tank, Hanes
– Black jeans, Seven
– Baby blue moccasins, Ugg
– Leo constellation necklace, Urban Outfitters
– Organic spike necklace, homemade
– Double wrap bracelet, Billabong
– Undiamond ring, Avon

– Sheer Blonde Entourage t-shirt, JS/AA
– Long sleeved white tee, Juicy
– Black pencil skirt, Lost Enterprises
– Seal gray leather jacket, Forever 21
– Gladiator sandals, Steve Madden
– Ultragloss, Dior Addict



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  1. I KNOW I KNOW. Can I be in Mensa now? Also, where can a blondie get one of those fly ass shirts?

    • Good things come to those who wait, grasshopper. If you’d like to be a Mensa, please contact Stella for details.

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