03.25 & 26.09

March 26, 2010 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I was out again yesterday wearing this with these and didn’t have time to upload a picture.

Today, on the other hand, I am in full WWJilly effect.  Unbeknownst to me, yesterday was her royal highness, Sarah Jessica Parker’s birthday (FabSugar did a piece to celebrate).  Coincidentally, like the day I wore a my (Red) tee on World Aids Day, I’m wearing a tee from her collection from Steve & Barry’s.  Which sounds a little like a day late and a dollar short, but as I’ve mentioned, I’m constantly planning ahead to keep up with my between-houses lifestyle.

Another coincidence?  The fact that my shirt says “Love and Peace” and my backyard has hearts and a peace symbol.  Technically I’m opposed to that sort of literalism, but when it happens serendipitously (why would I lie to you?), I’m kind of feelin’ the vibe.

– Love and Peace over Time and Money shirt, Bitten by SJP
– Baby Lace sweatshirt
– Juicy Couture Kate jeans
– Ugg moccasins
– Nails: Lilacism by Essie.  Yesterday, the Sheer Blonde Entourage took over Dashing Diva nail salon and I indulged in a mani/pedi.  The nail techs there were really talented!  Between the paraffin wax treatment, the footrub, and the polish job, I was thoroughly impressed.  My only regret is getting Lilacism and not Neo Whimsical.  Ooh!  What’s Chinchilly?  Tart Deco?  Somebody stop me!  I’m on a nail polish rampage!



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  1. […] Lilacism by Essie + A Touch of Strawberry by Maybelline Water Paints = Neo Whimsical by Essie.  Manicure regret […]

  2. HA! I love the WWJW shorthand hyperlinks. But even more, I love the first picture and use of the term “my backyard.” NAILED IT.

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