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I think my Sanuk Tubeflops might always spark debate.  First it was me in the store, debating if I could wear them.  “I’m going to be 30,” I moaned, “can I really get away with these?”  Ultimately I decided no, but reconsidered every time we’d go back to the surf shop, trying them on and rolling the outrageous patterns up my calves.  Still, no was the decision, this time because, “Wellllll I could have maybe gotten away with the plain ones, but these tiger ones and mesh ones are just too much.”  So how is it that I’m wearing them now?  My superboo got them for me as a Christmas gift, eliminating any arguments that I’d somehow aged out of them (*they were a gift; it’s rude not to accept them ;)).  Today the debate rages on: the gals think they’re “cute” but El Pres de mi company thought something’d happened to my ankle.  Oh well, at least I’m inspiring the free and open exchange of ideas.

– Heritage 1981 splatter t-shirt dress
– Sanuk Tubeflops
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– Pupsy’s Boriqua collar

On Pupsy
– Yankees collar
– Jordan 23 hat

On Pepsy
– Pupsy’s Yankee’s sweatshirt
– D’Jais Flower headband



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As we, the People, fight back against unrealistic standards of beauty perpetuated by Photoshop and really really really ridiculously good looking people, it’s refreshing to see the latest trend in fashion, realityThe Dove Campaign for Real Beauty exposed some of the not just unrealistic, but impossible standards of beauty, and 2010 has been the year of sans fards, French for “without rouge” or makeup.

Louis Vuitton released this look at their models sans fards.  It’s so uplifting to see the likes of Karolina Kurkova, Bar Refaeli, Alessandra Ambrosio, Caroline Trentini, and more, au natural.  Many of the faces look — dare I say — plain?!  Some are still outrageously attractive (Adriana Lima, I’m not worthy!) but by and large, I feel better about myself just by gazing at these fresh faces.

So right on LV, and all you freakishly gorgeous models — thanks for showing me the real you.

(sounds like she'd eventually meet Cheetah Skywalker!)

– Thomas Wylde skull tunic
– White camisole
– Forever 21 skinny jeans
– Nude Nine West wedges
– Rhinestone and grommet belt, Gap
– Tan headband
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring


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A dedicated reader of The Daily Candy, I learned about a dynamic little duo named Gabby and Emma.  They have combined their love of crafts with a dash of good tidings to create Gembows, a boutique business of hair accessories with proceeds benefiting the We Can Solve the Climate Crisis campaign.  Each bow is hand crafted by Gabby and Emma and you can choose from a rainbow of colours or one of their clever stock designs, like the top one that looks like a watermelon.  I’m proud to wear my teal and white Gembow, especially as the “green” month of April winds to a close.  Isn’t it the sweetest?

More on Gabby and Emma here.

– CBGG’s t-shirt
– Xhiliration cardigan
– Sharagano trousers
– Rebels flats
– Fingerless lace gloves
– Chanel CC pearls
– Jointed armour ring
– Porcupine spike ring
– Gem duct tape bow by Gabby & Emma


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I’m usually pretty good about holding onto articles of clothing that look like they might be valuable down the road.  With one exception — Sam & Libby clogs circa 1994 — I haven’t regretted any of my donations to charity.  The blazer I’m wearing today is something I got probably in my junior or senior year of high school.

::Dream sequence music::

My fashion sense was starting to evolve out of the Dark Ages of tomboydom and into not quite a Renaissance (that’s now, duhvs!), but somewhere in between those two points.  This was fortuitous, because we reinstituted a unwritten rule that mandated Varsity athletes were to dress up on game days.  My mom, pleased with my progress, happily helped me stock up on girly dresses, feminine tops, and this silver jacket.

Unfortunately my style wasn’t quite at its point of maturation where I felt confident wearing it so it saw the light of day all of 3 times between 1997-2010.  But today it’s in full effect.  Just like Charlize Theron’s.

– XOXO raw silk jacket
– White tank, Hanes
– Forever 21 skinny jeans
– Steve Madden leopard peep-toes
– David Yurman double wheat buckle necklace
– Burberry Manor quilted handbag


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Sometimes the more fabric you pile on, the more risque you look.  A tank top can look classier than a cutout tee, even when it dips deeper and completely bares your arms.  Do my over-the-knee cableknit stockings do the same?  You be the judge!  Compare the way my dress looks today against the last time I blogged about it and leave your thoughts in the Comments section!  Feel free to offer up hypotheses while you’re at it!

– Prototype checkered dress
– Victoria’s Secret PINK thigh-high stockings
– Cowboy boots (*thanks Tim!)
– Puffed heart/hoop earrings
– Double wrap leather bracelet
– Flattened silver rope bracelet (*thanks Mom!)


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It’s Earth Day!  I turned off the lights in my office and brought WWJW outside for a photo shoot in celebration of this glorious weather.  I’m also taking a cue from my mom and resurrecting this magnificent poem my sister wrote when she was in second or third grade.  Without further due…

Earth is a wonderful place to be
Whether you live up high in a tree
Or down below in the dark green grass
Where cattle graze in a great big mass
Keep our Earth as clean as can be
Join a crew and plant a tree
Or pick up pollution, MAGICALLY

– Juicy Couture linen tunic
– Aqua camisole
– Joe’s Jeans
– Lucky Jeans belt
– Nude sandals
– VZ Alotta sunglasses
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring


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How ’bout that time I wore this dress to a wedding, and tucked the back of it into my pretties?  When we stood up to pray, the girl in the row behind me tapped me on the shoulder, her eyes like saucers.  “Um, fix your dress,” she whispered, mortified for me.  That made one of us.  Cause if not for that incident, I might not have anything to blog about today!

– H&M watercolour dress
– Theory blazer
– Nine West sandals
– Sereno belt
– Eugenia Kim for Target mint fedora


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I recently came across this article, 32 Signs You’re Not A Hipster Anymore and realized that — the horror — I might be evolving into a hipster.  How is that even possible?!  I hipster bash all.the.time.  But of the first 5 items this list, the author of which I respect and agree with often, I’m in contrast to 4 of them.  What’s even more concerning is that some of her evidence, including Converse, Nylon magazine, and “wear[ing] headbands around your crown, not your forehead,” I’ve only began tangoing with in the last year or so.  Doth I be transforming into a hipster?!

Linda Holmes comes to the rescue of hipsterdom, not because she is one or believes in their causes, but because she seeks to unpack the term; she writes, “This term is so elastic and so ill-defined that it has come to stand for a senseless sort of snobbery: ‘I dismiss your tastes completely, without explaining what exactly is wrong with your tastes, simply because of the people who share your tastes.'”  She goes on to understand what it is that people are trying to convey when they spit the insult “hipster” out of their disgusted lips — inauthenticity.  They’re not really wearing that headband, for example, they’re only wearing it as cosplay, because it’s funny and ironic.  And therein lies the bad.

In conclusion, as long as I keep wearing headbands this way because I like to, rather than because I’m trying to make some sort of statement, I a) avoid being a hipster or b) am a hipster but it’s really not so bad.

– White tee, Kiwi
– Remastered Abercrombie & Fitch jeans (I made them myself!)
– Nine West heels
– Hipster(?) headband

On Pepsy
– D’Jais Flower necklace (as headband)
– “H” is for Haiti necklace


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Profound fortune cookie!

– Kimchi Blue tuxedo cardigan
– Tricolour dress, Mind Code
– Black leggings
– Old Navy flip flops
– Organic spike necklace, WWJW
– Tiffany Madonna necklace
– Jointed armour ring
– Undiamond ring
– 4 stacked rings
– Black gemstone earrings
– Urban Decay Guys ❤ Betsey lip gloss


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I think I had hats on the brain after learning that Eugenia Kim‘s the next designer to bring her line to Target.  Dressing this morning, I put on this summer fedora, a light t-shirt, and hoped for the best… because the weather forecast called for sub-60 temperatures today.  Looks like I lucked out; it’s milder than 60 and I’ve even seen a few rays of sunshine, beaming in with that green-gray cast as they’re known to do on days the sky wears a cloudcover.  Guess I’m not the only one covering my dome today 🙂

– Oversize white pocket tee
– Volcom pants
– Rebels green/gold “Money” flats
– Frieda Kahlo necklace
– Twisted silver hoop earrings
– Jointed armour ring
– Starbucks straw coloured nail polish

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