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I recently came across this article, 32 Signs You’re Not A Hipster Anymore and realized that — the horror — I might be evolving into a hipster.  How is that even possible?!  I hipster bash all.the.time.  But of the first 5 items this list, the author of which I respect and agree with often, I’m in contrast to 4 of them.  What’s even more concerning is that some of her evidence, including Converse, Nylon magazine, and “wear[ing] headbands around your crown, not your forehead,” I’ve only began tangoing with in the last year or so.  Doth I be transforming into a hipster?!

Linda Holmes comes to the rescue of hipsterdom, not because she is one or believes in their causes, but because she seeks to unpack the term; she writes, “This term is so elastic and so ill-defined that it has come to stand for a senseless sort of snobbery: ‘I dismiss your tastes completely, without explaining what exactly is wrong with your tastes, simply because of the people who share your tastes.'”  She goes on to understand what it is that people are trying to convey when they spit the insult “hipster” out of their disgusted lips — inauthenticity.  They’re not really wearing that headband, for example, they’re only wearing it as cosplay, because it’s funny and ironic.  And therein lies the bad.

In conclusion, as long as I keep wearing headbands this way because I like to, rather than because I’m trying to make some sort of statement, I a) avoid being a hipster or b) am a hipster but it’s really not so bad.

– White tee, Kiwi
– Remastered Abercrombie & Fitch jeans (I made them myself!)
– Nine West heels
– Hipster(?) headband

On Pepsy
– D’Jais Flower necklace (as headband)
– “H” is for Haiti necklace


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