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My friend Amy and I agree on many things — Kitchenaid mixers = love, Summer Heights High = hilarity, Heidi Klum = perfection.  But even on the forthcoming day we rule the world, we’ll still debate which Olsen twin is cuter.  Although I always side with Ashley, I have to admit that I’ve been lusting after Mary Kate’s Red Carpet look in her oversized LnA t-shirt and fitted skirt.  Finally, the occasion to wear it!

– Quiksilver pocket tee
– Harve Benard skirt
– Rainbow flip flops
– B&W skinny belt, Sereno
– Vintage white ball earrings
– Nails: Neo Whimsical/Toes: Chinchilly



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Sometimes I embrace the domestic dame in me… today is not one of those days.  Like lace, ruffles can be worn in their intended, pretty fashion.  They can also be toughened up with spikes or a little bit of leather for a more unpredictable, chameleon approach to dressing.

– Romeo & Juliet Couture ruffle shirt
– Princy by Jessica Simpson army jacket
– Gap denim trousers
– Havianas flip flops in antique gold
– Spike necklace
– Bracelets: Burberry, black mesh
– Rings: armour, porcupine, silver knuckle
– Undiamond earrings


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I’ll have to keep this short, my little lovebirds; I’m off to have a luxurious Kerastase process on my long locks.  Today’s a special day — Kerastase is providing complimentary treatments for a suggested donation of $10 to Locks of Love.  And since I’m still holding onto my ponytail for a few more years, this is the best way for me to give to the heartwarming charity.  Le Palais, here I come!

– Zac Posen for Target chambray dress
– White tank, Hanes
– Nine West sandals
– Daisy


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Alber Elbaz is one of contemporary fashion’s brightest stars.  Hailing from Morocco but of Israeli descent, he dropped the “t” in “Albert” because he felt that internationally the pronunciation wasn’t soft enough as in his native tongue.  Quiet, reserved, and precise, Elbaz chooses his positions wisely.  That’s why when The Frisky reported the following quote, I listened:

“I feel that some celebrities think that because they are famous, they can do fashion. Imagine if I want to be now a dancer.  Trust me, I can’t.  I can’t jump.  I can’t even limp from one point to another.  I feel that there is this kind of confusion.  Everybody wants to do everything, everybody needs to do everything, and everybody feels that he can.  And I’m still feeling that a dancer should dance and a chef should cook and a singer should sing and a designer of clothes should do clothes.  Because the moment we try to do everything for ourselves, we’re becoming very mediocre in what we do, and we don’t go to extremes and we don’t touch excellence.  And I prefer to touch excellence.”

With celebrities/trainwrecks like Lindsay Lohan not just designing her own line of leggings, but also serving as the creative consultant at the established house of Emanuel Ungaro, designers must unite behind the bold statement from Alber Elbaz.  After all, he is the artistic director of the oldest extant fashion house worldwide, Lanvin.  And she’s just that girl who needs to find a fashionable way to hide her ankle monitor.

– Vintage blouse
– Joe’s Jeans
– Clear jellies
Caterina Zangrando inspired pearl necklace


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The Importance of Being Tailored: Trivial Advice for People Who Want to Be Taken Seriously

So as to avoid the passive-aggressive remarks from a condescending bloke like Oscar Wilde’s Algernon — I never saw anybody take so long to dress, and with so little result — WWJilly would like to dispense this piece of advice that will never go out of style.


Do it.

If you haven’t been conviced by all the advice fashion mavens have dispelled, I offer the contrast of today’s outfit to thisthis, and this.

Muuucccchhhh better.  And the cherry on top?  You’re no longer guilty of “lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!

– Roxy tank
– Lilly Pulitzer cardigan
– Hudson corduroys
– Aeropostale studded flip flops
– American Eagle skinny belt
– Gold peace sign necklace
– Von Zipper Alotta sunnies


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I feel just like glitter mixed with rock ‘n’ ro-oll.

– White tank, Hanes
– Studded jersey vest, Ginger G
– Joe’s Jeans
– Aeropostale studded flip flops
– Diesel Valchiria belt
– Various bracelets
– Various rings


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What’s a nod to nautical without a punch of red?  Not living up to its potential, that’s what!  I’ve been dying to pair my JPG anchor top with a red pencil skirt for that perfect American/French Connection… so as not to suffer another Missed Connection.

– Jean Paul Gauliter for Target anchor tee
– Theory blazer
– Lorianna skirt
– Jessica Simpson shoes
– Gold watch by Vestal
– Flattened silver rope bracelet
– Bvlgari ring
– Tiffany ball earrings


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At :30+, this video is adorable.

Coincidentally, I’m wearing that same cerise colour shirt today.  That’s not an invitation to all you robins and blue jays that reside in my yard.  I’m more Melanie Daniels that this calm chica.

– People’s Liberation for Charlotte Russe asterisk top
– Gray cashmere cardigan, Gap
– Forever 21 skinnies
– Suede cowboy boots
– Braided belt, Aeropostale


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This is how it feels:

This is how it should feel:

– Striped button-up, Gap
– Side-zip leggings, Pink Rose
– Studded flip flops, Aeropostale/rubber galoshes
– Caged heart hoop earrings
– Resort necklace, Juicy Couture
– Studded double wrap bracelet
– Silver spoon ring
– Fedora, Rip Curl


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Previously on WWJW, I reported that sans fards/fresh faces were all the rage.  Alexis Wolfer of The Beauty Bean continues the momentum and calls for women everywhere to embrace Makeup-free Mondays.  In the vein of Casual Fridays, Makeup-Free Mondays are designed to celebrate women’s natural beauty without the aid of concealer, Nars Orgasm, or miracle fawn-coloured eyeshadow.

Those of you nursing the fallout of a really rough Sunday von Funday, you can schedule your makeup exam (get it?) on Tuesday.

– Vintage S. Ryan Designs dolman top
– Seven jeans
– Blowfish gladis

– Chivalry is dead tee, Alternative Apparel
– Joe’s Jeans

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