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Alber Elbaz is one of contemporary fashion’s brightest stars.  Hailing from Morocco but of Israeli descent, he dropped the “t” in “Albert” because he felt that internationally the pronunciation wasn’t soft enough as in his native tongue.  Quiet, reserved, and precise, Elbaz chooses his positions wisely.  That’s why when The Frisky reported the following quote, I listened:

“I feel that some celebrities think that because they are famous, they can do fashion. Imagine if I want to be now a dancer.  Trust me, I can’t.  I can’t jump.  I can’t even limp from one point to another.  I feel that there is this kind of confusion.  Everybody wants to do everything, everybody needs to do everything, and everybody feels that he can.  And I’m still feeling that a dancer should dance and a chef should cook and a singer should sing and a designer of clothes should do clothes.  Because the moment we try to do everything for ourselves, we’re becoming very mediocre in what we do, and we don’t go to extremes and we don’t touch excellence.  And I prefer to touch excellence.”

With celebrities/trainwrecks like Lindsay Lohan not just designing her own line of leggings, but also serving as the creative consultant at the established house of Emanuel Ungaro, designers must unite behind the bold statement from Alber Elbaz.  After all, he is the artistic director of the oldest extant fashion house worldwide, Lanvin.  And she’s just that girl who needs to find a fashionable way to hide her ankle monitor.

– Vintage blouse
– Joe’s Jeans
– Clear jellies
Caterina Zangrando inspired pearl necklace


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