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Today on The Daily Candy, Sardi Klein, a longtime NYC photographer and professor at The New School and Pratt, provides Expert Tips for Looking Good in Photos.  The video’s pretty helpful, but if you can’t bear to watch videos on your computer like me sometimes (ugh, it’s more than 3 minutes?!?  I can’t bear it!  <— it’s not, don’t fret), the tips are listed below:

1.  Stand contrapossto.
2.  Chin height (lower chin 1/2 inch or raise chin 1/2 inch).
3.  Relax your fingers.
4.  Don’t talk.
5.  No harsh lighting.
6.  Always smile.

I dunno Sardi… any advice for a photography novice who’s biggest challenges include finding a perching space that still allows for head-to-toe shots and backdrops that are compositionally interesting but not too distracting from my daily getup?

– DKNY cutoff flannel shirt
– American Eagle striped tank
– Domino Moto jeans
– Volcom flip-flops
– David Yurman double wheat buckle necklace
– Burberry bracelet
– Pyramid stud bracelet
– Billabong double wrap bracelet



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Dipped out to the mall at lunch today and man, is that the place to go to get noticed.  3 people inquired about my bracelet and 2 about my hat.  I think my lunch date started to roll her eyes towards the end of our adventure!

Is it just me or does this hat resemble Roy Licthtenstein artwork?

– VS Pink tee
– Juicy Couture Kate jeans
– Rainbow flip-flops
– Volcom Crazy Banana fedora
– Free People spike bracelet


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– VS PINK gingham dress
– Hanes tank
– Aeropostale belt
– L.A.M.B. clogs
– Coach turnlock bracelet
– Heidi Klum clover hoop earrings


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Of all the t-shirts in the world, it’s uncanny, coincidental, and serendipitous (*never ironic) I should find this one.  It reads “Good BFFs Are Hard To Find” and boasts a two adorable white puppies, much like my darling Pupsy and Pepsy, who are quite fashion-forward themselves.  Watch them work it in today’s fashion shoot.  And for more of my musings on the colour pink, check out my article at The Daily Get Up!

– “Good BFFs Are Hard To Find” t-shirt, Charlotte Russe
– Cropped jeans, Citizens of Humanity
– Flip-flops, Volcom
– Throwback sunglasses, Volcom
– Cotton jersey multi-strand scarf
– Gold watch, Vestal
– Bracelets, Forever 21
– Pyramid stud ring
– Jointed armour ring
– Around-the-way-girl earrings

On Pepsy
– Prada bows
– Blinged out collar
– Yellow silly band (*thanks Aunt Sarah!)
– H is for Haiti necklace

On Pupsy
– Jumpman 23 head wrap
– Pop Champagne chain (*thanks Uncle Lee!)


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Harem pants — AKA dhoti pants, genie pants, Aladdin pants, MC Hammer pants — shall I go on?  I’m afraid it only gets worse — are among the trickiest 2009/2010 fashion trends to pull off.  Both Elle and New York Magazine advise women to pair them with heels, which I would agree with… if I had suitable ones.  NY Mag adds, “Indulge in the comfort of harem pants,” which was precisely my intent this morning when I heard the mercury was bulging out beyond 90.

– L.A.M.B. tee
– Express Design Studio silk pants
– Steve Madden gladiators
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– Porcupine ring
– Jointed armour ring
– Rasta Baby bracelet
– Pyramid stud earrings 3.0


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I haven’t exactly caught World Cup fever, but today’s USA v. Algeria game was a momentus one — a win would advance the USA into the winner’s bracket; a draw would leave destiny in the hands of other teams’ W and L columns.  Most importantly, however, my sister would be one of the crazed fans attending the event!  As I dressed this morning, I decided to don red, white, and blue to show my support not so much for the USA team, but my sister’s fervor for them.  At this stage I’d feel like a frontrunner jumping on the futbol trend… but that doesn’t prevent me from cheering GOOOOOOAAAALLLL!  GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL! with the best of them.

– Polka dot tank, Sirens
– White tee, Eyeshadow
– Pencil skirt, Lorianna
– White flip flops, Rainbow
– Mermaid pendant, Smashed Sea
– Rose ring


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You don’t see just how fly my style is?
I don’t see why I need a stylist
When I shop so much I can speak Italian
     – Kanye West, amended by WWJilly, to communicate the impulse purchase she made in 76 seconds’ time, while my family was exchanging money at a mall in Ireland

– Bell-sleeve dress, Dorothy Perkins
– White Mountain sandals
– CC dangle earrings
– Glam rock headband


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Happy Summer Solstice!  Today is always one of my most favourite days of the year.  The amount of daylight we of the Northern Hemisphere are bestowed is just so generous — solar system, you are far too kind.  One of the bloggers I read asked How Do You Know A Day Is Starting Off On The Right Foot?  If it’s June 21st and the sun is shining, it’s good enough for me.  Even a bad hair day can’t hold me back!

IM Friend: Ha! Can u imagine? I’m such a dirtbag!slob!
WWJilly: ew my hair looks like the gulf of mexico hahahahahaa
IM Friend: Bahahahaahahha! I think its worse! Jk!

– Kristin Nicole top
– Juicy Couture “Leo” jeans
– Nine West shoes
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– Gold horn bracelet
– Pyramid stud earrings 3.0


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– Niki Biki butterfly scarf top
– White camisole
– Joe’s Jeans
– CYD sandals
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring


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Jennifer Lopez received mixed reviews on The Back-up Plan — the movie and her hairstyle at the UK premiere.  Which of course is an invitation for me to give it a whirl… and to quote my dearest Amy, “In fact that’s exactly what it looks like, a whirl.”

– McQ bowtie shirt
– Lost Enterprises skirt
– Nine West polka dot peep toes
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– B&W striped bangle
– Pearl earrings
– Lips: Styletto by Lime Crime

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