June 2, 2010 at 9:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Memorial Day Weekend kicked off the unofficial start to summer.  As if I weren’t happy enough to enjoy: kisses from the sun, improvement on my surf quest, storage of bulky coats + sweaters, fresh passionfruit mint iced tea, training for a sprint triathlon, and vitamin D, it also means I can break out my white pants!  Although the hard and fast “rules” about wearing white after Labor Day have been modified, the summer sun certainly makes it easier to wear breezy white pants, if just for the comfort/warmth factor alone.  iViva la summer!


– Eau Courant top, Trash & Luxury
– White seersucker slacks, Moda International
– Pink and gold Bali flats, Cydney Mandel
– Nails: Fluorescent yellow/Toes: Chinchilly

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  1. Robot told me that silly white after Labor Day rule is only for GRITS (girls raised in the south). So while I also try to abide, I’m sure I fall off the wagon. I’m even surer that I don’t care.

    Great jumping skills and great success. Mom would call you “the White Knight” for this outfit, while my friend Sam would call you “wearing a one-piece.”

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