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Carrie Bradshaw is cited as the source of many trends — the clover necklace, the nameplate, and since we’re talking about names, making “Manolo” a household one.  Today I’m wearing a top that will always remind me of Carrie, because it’s adorned with a crochet flower… yet another fashion movement beginning with the letter C.

I saw Sex and the City this weekend.  My review — don’t worry, there are no spoilers — is below.  And for a more in-depth review — again, no spoilers — check out my colleague Megan Molnar’s review on The Daily Get Up.

I saw it this weekend — a $6 matinee to stick it to the movie gods — and I enjoyed it! I thought it had a beginning, a middle, and an end, with lessons for Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte… Samantha will never learn anyway so why bother?  I thought the fashions were fun, especially Carrie’s Dior t-shirt/lilac ball skirt combo, her Halstons, and Miranda’s dress with the hardware.  There was the witty dialogue I count on SATC having.  And I LOVED the Liza Minnelli scene — ROCK ON.  To summarize with a quote from the astute Josh Bard, unless you were expecting The English Patient, it’s pretty good.

– Tank sweater, Mandee
– White tank, Hanes
– Cropped jeans, Rag & Bone
– Cobalt flats, Jessica Simpson
– Double wheat buckle necklace, David Yurman


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  1. Mostly like the jeans and shoes.

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